The Technomancer – Companions Role and Location Guide


In The Technomancer, the player is allowed to select up to 2 companions and each of their own combat style. Companions work as assisting characters that the players can take along to complete the objectives of the game. They have their own sets of weapons, armor, Talents and they will level up as you take them out to fight. So let’s have a look at the different types of Companions in The Technomancer.

Companions Role and Location

Companions Role and Location

If you want to know more about any Companion’s background then try talking to them and complete their side quest. If you are good with the dialogs then it can lead to Romance and if you constantly upset any companion then they may leave your team. Also, remember to switch team member to share the team building points.


Niesha will be unlocked later as you progress in the Main Story of the game. We recommend to at least complete her first quest – A Friend Under Pressure, and when you are about to reach Noctis, Niesha will be joining your party.

  • Role: Rogue Skills
  • Bonus: Physical Damage from Dagger +2
  • Combat Style: Dagger & Pistol
  • Ally Relationship Bonus: Trap/Lockpicking +1


A Mutant turned Companion – Phobos was once known by Beg can be found in the Noctis city during your Main quest. Phobos is good at handling two-handed mace.

  • Role: Guardian Skills
  • Bonus: Weight + 500
  • Combat Style: Two-Handed Mace
  • Ally Relationship Bonus: Exploration +1

Scott Seeker

Scott is Zachariah’s oldest friend who is a scientist, doctor and eccentric, with an alcohol addiction. being a scientist you can also find Scott inside the laboratory in the Slums.

  • Role: Guardian Skills
  • Bonus: Life Regeneration +2%
  • Combat Style: Pistol
  • Ally Relationship Bonus: Science +1

Amelia Reacher

Amelia will meet you during the main quest where you need to escape and reach Noctis. She is a Rover Pilot and will join your team during the mission itself. Amelia is full of Adventure, so she loves to learn about lost cities and relics from before the Turmoil.

  • Role: Warrior Skills
  • Bonus: Resistance To Disruption +5%
  • Combat Style: Mace and Shield
  • Ally Relationship Bonus: Crafting +1

Jeffery Hunter

Jeffery will be available at the Barracks after completing the opening mission, Initiation. Is one of the first 2 Companions you receive along with David Ward in the Fight for Abundance quest.

  • Role: Rogue Skills
  • Bonus: Physical Damage from Gunshot +2
  • Combat Style: Assault Rifle
  • Ally Relationship Bonus: No Bonus

David Ward

David will be available at the Barracks after completing the Fight for Abundance quest. Dave is a specialist in the guardian style.

  • Role: Guardian Skills
  • Bonus: Resistance to Disruption +2
  • Combat Style: Guardian
  • Ally Relationship Bonus: No Bonus


Progress in the Main Quest to reach the City of Noctis.

  • Role: –
  • Bonus: Fluid Regeneration +5%
  • Combat Style: Mace
  • Ally Relationship Bonus: Charisma +1