The Technomancer: Finding Earth Walkthrough Guide

In the first Part of The Technomancer, Initiation we saw how to control the player and different types of Skills, abilities. We also gain the trust of Master Sean by defeat the Great Mantis. In this Walkthrough we will continue with the Main game story and it also contains a series of sub-quests that must be undertaken to complete the entire quest.

Finding Earth

Finding Earth Walkthrough

Just after completing the first main quest, the Grand Master will ask you to take a Detour on your way to Captain Eliza to investigate about some merchants. Note: This quest will be active for a longer time and you must complete the first 3 objectives to unlock the main quest A Safe Haven as well as completing every objective in Fighting for Abundance.

Merchant Rumours

This will be your first objective to mark on the map and upon arriving speak with Tom Goodsman to know about the caravan’s disappearance. After speaking with Tom, head to Joe Goodsman and ask him about the caravan. While speaking you can use the charisma check to either threaten him or bribe him for 10 Serum. After knowing about Vory and their shady dealing let’s head to the slums and talk to Vory directly.

You will have the option to fight your way in, leave or give the doorkeeper the hall pass which can found by taking on a group of Vory. As you enter the Structure a small cutscene will trigger with Aston Rogue, then you can speak with him by either bribing him for 150 Serum or convince him with Charisma or intimidate him for information about the opposition. Now head to the Warehouse and use – ‘who will have profit will have honor’ to pass peacefully and head back to Exchange to get another objective.

Archaeology in the Desert

Here you must unlock the rover by progressing through the ‘Fighting for Abundance’ quest. Travel to the marked location and take out the enemies then take the relic from inside. There will be an optional objective where you can check out for the Counterattack mission in Fighting for Abundance. Once you are done, return to Ian and turn in for the rewards.

Under Surveillance

For this Mission you must wait in the Barracks and sleep until night, now speak with the people inside and later with Captain. You need to earn her trust by buttering her with the 2 confidence building questions first and then search everyone’s locker. After searching look for David Ward and ask him questions until he says 126. Plan to meet him at the Bar and you will be faced with important choices.

If you let David leave, you get +10 reputation with David Ward and +2 Karma, but if you choose to shoot him you will have to defeat him. You can loot him for the mace and shield he carries, draining him will cost you 1 Karma. Return to the Grand Master for your reward.

In the Search of the Lost Dome

After rescuing the Technomancers from the temple you get this quest. So head to Noctis and speak with Melvin to get the rover repaired. Use it to travel to the Lost Dome. Get ready to Mop up the enemies here of which there are many.


you need to get a translator so the first thing to do is see Dandolo and speak with him. You need to take out all the guards at the camp and here you will have an optional objective to free the slaves and help them escape by picking their cage locks or finding the key in the lockers. If you manage to save them all you get +2 Karma and +2 Niesha Reputation. Make your way to the room with the question mark, head to the bottom. and talk to the mutant. Talk to the prisoner and wait for Patience to perform the task.

Rescue Operation

You will find Patience later on after receiving this mission where you need to get through the dome to get to Patience. When you get to Patience, exhaust the dialogue choices and then escape out.

Polar Expedition

This quest is obtained just after returning from the Rescue Operation. You must get to The Slums to get Amelia and Scott. Head to the rover and find the notes inside the shed there is a locker that needs a code. Talk to Amelia and Scott until he gives you codes to open the locker. Head left to a wall between some barrels and a danger sign and use the key near the drawing.

Make the Icebreaker and head to Ice City and to get the clothing you need from the ASC station in Ophir. So Fight your way past the enemies and to the Lost Dome. Take out the mini-boss and collect the parts you need. Make your way to Mutant Valley so Amelia can augment the rover.

Hello Earth – This is Mars

This is the End Chapter of the Game where you find out what happened to Earth and you will get a quick recap of all the decisions you’ve made so far in the game. Now you have 3 choices to make, either reveal about the destruction and join Noctis or reveal about the destruction and join Mutant Valley or not to Revel at all. No matter what you decide you’ll get the bonus and trophies for playing the game.

If you Reveal about the destruction of Earth and Join Mutant Valley then all the Technomancers will flee and the Scientist will find a way to make new Technomancers. If you Reveal about the destruction of Earth and Join Noctis then people will panic and a chaos will break out seeing you joining the Noctis.

The Last choice is not revealing anything about the Destruction of the earth and you become the Grandmaster of the Technomancers, this will help you lead Mars to a better future and everyone will respect you.