The Technomancer: Initiation Walkthrough Guide

The Technomancer contain Main quest and the side quest both take around 40 hours of gameplay to complete. Initiation is the first main quest in The Technomancer and this walkthrough guide will show you how to complete the quest, which choice to make and what will be the consequences.

Initiation Walkthrough

Initiation Walkthrough

As you start the Game, character creation screen loads with other options to select the skill, abilities, and others. Once you are done with the Character creation, a cutscene will trigger between you and Scott Seeker, now you get to learn and basic tutorials for combat and the game mechanics. After learning the basics you must speak with the guard to start with the main mission.

Follow Master Sean

You get the first Dialogue option to respond to Alan Mancer after looking at the brutal beating of a citizen. You can choose to remain silent or give him words, soon Master Sean will arrive and escort you on your way where you can find a chest on the right with some items. After talking to Sean about the first lesson, proceed and take down all the looters, as this is your first fight you will have hints showing you on your combat moves.

Get to the entrance of the cave

Continue up to the rocky slope and defeat more foes on your way, now observe the Top and inform Sean about what you saw. You will get your next objective marked where you must use the Stealth and engage the enemies along the way. At the entrance of the cave, a small cutscene will begin and get ready to face the first Nasty Creatures. After defeating them talk to Sean near the Door and enter the Dome. Defeat few more creatures on your way to the central main Hall of the Structure and Access the Console.

Sean will finally ask you to discover the breach point of these creatures, so descend the levels of the dome by climbing down and don’t forget to dispatch the hostile creatures along the way. Defeat few more creatures down to the ground level then take the walkway that overlooks the large central ring and climb down to defeat the creatures in the circle arena.

Fight the Great Mantis

After the Cutscene, get ready to defeat the Great Mantis who is very dangerous from straight on, so the key to breaking him down is to its sides and behind it, avoiding its stabbing attacks and slams. It is good with the sweep attacks and inflicts poison on you. Try to focus on the red belly which is a vulnerable point and the best thing to do is switching to Rogue and shooting it from range.

Finally, when the great mantis’ health has been reduced to a certain point a small cutscene will trigger where Sean will intervene. The mantis will be slain and the quest will come to an end. Thus completing the walkthrough part 1 and we can continue to the next part which is Finding Earth or check out the complete Side Quest walkthrough for The Technomancer.