The Technomancer Side Quest Walkthrough Guide


Side Quests in The Technomancer are nothing but the part of the main quest, just like the subquest. These quests can be completed in different ways depending on your playstyle. The Technomancer will take around 40 hours of gameplay to complete all the quests including the main quest. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Side Quest Walkthrough.

Technomancer Side Quest

Side Quest Walkthrough

There are 35 Side quests in total and if you have any doubts regarding the walkthrough then do shoot them below in the comments section. Also, remember the choices/decisions you make in the game will change the outcome for related or another quest so doesn’t worry if you quest start didn’t trigger.

Note: Try To Save the Game Before any Conversation.

A Soldier Bitterness

This can be your first side quest of the Technomancer only if you kill the deserter in the – ‘Fighting For Abundance’ Mission. Return to Eliza and find the soldier in the barracks, talk to him and know about David. Save the game and then talk to David in Curiosity as he will offer you a charisma choice to save. If you the choose to use the charisma then there is 75% he can join you back and if you choose to threaten him then it will make him mad and not join back.

A Nasty Invasion

Once you complete the first mission – ‘Fighting For Abundance’ speak with Quartermaster to know more about this quest. You need to find 3 traps and provide them to Ryan Steward. Once you complete this hand them to Quartermaster for Relationship Boost, Experience points and Serum.

Combat Drug

The Quest will trigger once you complete the previous side quest – A Nasty Invasion. Now head towards the objective marker and talk to the lady trying to get in. After helping her head to the next marker and try using the lock picking to get inside and get 1 karma as a reward. Now head back to Quartermaster and get 80 serums as a reward for completion.

Now get to the Slums to speak with Scott Seeker regarding the antidote, return to Quartermaster once you get the antidote and get some experience and Abundance Army Reputation as a reward.

A Professors Worries

Once you have the antidote head back and speak with Scott to get this mission. Now you know where to go so first speak with Veronica outside and convince her to get some more information. If you get the info return to Scott(in labs), then head to the barracks and speak with Eliza Major. Inform Veronica and get more information about the research(Charles Seeker’s notes). Finally, talk to Scott and complete the quest and get experience points and Reputation with Scott.

Note: The Convince option is unlocked if you speak more about Disappearance(depends on Charisma)

The Feeling of Being Followed

You can accept this quest while talking to Jeffery in ‘A Professors Worries’ quest. Your main job is to follow and don’t stay too far or the mission will be failed. After taking down, spy searches the body then head back to barracks and speak with Alan Mancer. You can take him down and it will give you a Reputation with Jeffery with some experience points.

Arena Champion

This Quest can be found at the Slums at the bar where you need to talk to the man with the access to the arena. To become the champion of Tier 1 you need to defeat your opponents in 3 fights. The Second fight is a bit tough as your going to face the electric bugs and finally, the last round is where you will use your explosive traps to take them down. The second stage will be locked until you find Noctis. So Go ahead brush up your fighting skills.

Unequal Combat

Once you successfully defeated the Arena champ, talk to Sam(standing at the Door) and locate the assassins. It’s completely optional whether you want to fight them or not. We tried to fight them to gain more experience. Head back to the Bar and here you can easily ask for a bribe or forget about the case to stop him. If you arrest him you have to fight him first and then gain 1 reputation with the Army and 3 Karma, If you choose to except the brine then you get 100 Serum, but lose 1 Karma.

A Missing Girl

This Quest can be found at the Slums near the Rover Hanger you will find this woman who is looking for her missing daughter, Sarah. The first thing to do is head towards the marker and speak with Anton Rogue, head back to the mother and gather some more information. Now go to the marked location where you see Sarah being Captive and you have 2 choices – either to defend her to accept 250 Serum and leave or just leave her there and end the Quest.

If you choose to help her then more options will be open and after completing you get +3 Karma and then go to The Exchange and speak with Fiorello for 1000 Exp.

Gun Running

This quest will only be triggered if you are at the right level. Talk to Anton Rogue and if you are ready then he will ask for your help. If yes then head directly to the Quartermaster to get the crate of weapons and now while delivering the weapons you have 2 options – either Deliver it to the Soldiers or Aston and here are the outcomes of both the choices.

If you choose Aston Rogue then you have to fight through the soldiers to get there. There is another route if you are good at sneaking, try running behind the fence where no one can notice. Once you get the weapons delivered then you get 1000 Exp, AC Soldier Helmet, +2 Vory Reputation and -1 Army Reputation.

If you choose to deliver the weapons to the Soldier then you will lose -4 Vory Reputation and gain +1 Army Reputation. The Quartermaster will reward you will 50 Serum and 1000 Exp. As you made a bad impression with this quest Aston will not be happy and think before giving you any missions.

Extortion Under Threat

This quest will only trigger from Aston Rogue, only if you have handed him the weapons. Head to the Marker and speak with the traders. You can easily take the second trader out without losing any Karma. Once you complete the mission you get +2 Vory Reputation, ASC Greaves, and 1000 Exp.

A Bothersome Witness

Just behind Aston Rogue’s place, you find this NPC(Merchant) who will provide you with this mission during the ‘Extortion Under Threat’ quest. Now you can either speak to Aston and inform him about the traitor and end this quest with +2 Vory Reputation or wait for 24 hours and return to the trader. Speak with the Merchant and escort him to the marked location and lose 4 Vory Reputation.

Contraband Recovery

Head back to Aston to get this Quest right after ‘Extortion Under Threat’ quest. In this mission, you must sneak in the barracks and break into Quarter master’s safe and the key you can find in the same room. Take the Aston’s contraband back to him and get AC Spy jacket, 1000 Exp, +1 Vory Reputation, but lose 1 Army Reputation.

Just On the Market

Just after the ‘Contraband Recovery’ quest speak with Aston again to start another quest. Here you must head to the Exchange to speak with the drug dealer and get the sample. Now Speak with Ethan in the Slums and test it by yourself or talk to Scott to investigate. Here you will get a choice either to bribe the drug dealer or speak with Aston directly.

A Memory Problem

In the Exchange, talk to Fiorello to get his quest then head to the barracks to interact with the items near Quarter Master. Head out to the slums and wait until you get attacked by one of the Black Dahlia gang, now if you get the girl back you lose 1 VOry Reputation and 1 Army Reputation. Once you return to Fiorello update him about your mission and get 1 karma and 1000 Exp.

A Bodyguard for a Merchant

This is the Easiest one, all you need to do is head towards the marked location and speak the with the Mutant named Beg. Now talk to the supervisor who refused Beg and fight for him. You can either bribe him 100 Serum or try convincing with your Charisma. Once you are done return to Fiorello and get 1000 Exp and 100 Serum.

Scattered Client

Another quick and easy quest from Fiorello, where you need to warn the Quartermaster at the barracks then go to the Slums. Talk to the Merchant and then update Fiorello about the same tp get 1000 Exp and 100 Serum.

Souvenir for a Mother

Head back to Beg once you free him and recruit for Fiorello to take this quest. Head to the marked location, speak with Beg’s mother and hand her the item, now return to Beg and get 500 Exp.

Marks of the Past

Go to the Exchange and you will find Lucky near Fiorello, talk to him. Head to Technomancer Chapel to speak with Master Connor, but you’ll speak with Lan Mancer instead and know more about Master Connor. Now get ready for the fight and save Master Connor, then follow him to the Exchange and meet Lucky. Return to the barracks and speak with the caption to get 500 Exp.

Crowds of Beggars

Again in the Exchange, you will meet Tom Goodsman who will provide you this quest. Travel to the marked location and talk to the beggars then head back to talk to Fiorello to purchase 3x Beggars Rags. Equip them to your members then head to the smuggler. Meet the Merchant in the Underworks and from there you can either escape or kill him. If you kill him you lose 1 Karma and then return to Tom to get 100 Exp.

The Explorers Father

Once you complete the ‘Fighting for Abundance’ main quest, this quest will be available where you need to return on the Rover. First, you need to search Scott’s lab for the item then talk to Amelia before she speaks with Scott’s ex-wife. Here you can either bribe her or use your Charisma to get the required answer.

A Friend Under Pressure

Travel to The Source and find Niesha to get this quest, now first thing to do is speak with Abbie then head back to Barracks. Speak with the Soldier and search for his bag, finally, talk to the Captain at the benches and inform her about the Soldier and Abbie. You will not get a timer quest where you must take down the soldier and update Niesha about the same to get 500 Exp.


You can find this Zoologist near Dandolo and take the quest. Talk to him about all the targets you’ve killed so far. Now travel back to the Underground with the Rover and continue to the 2nd level underground. You must be ready to take down a couple of Electric enemies then return to Noctis to get the next objective. Travel to Valles Mariner to take the Black Mole Down.

Now Here you will find a medium level enemies so try to clear the area first then take the Black Mole. Killing Him will get you 300 Serum and for the first kill you get 150 Serum.


You can find this quest in Noctis itself near the Main Gate, The Preacher. Enter Valles Mariner and head towards the marked location to find the Relics, but you have to fight a lot of enemies on your way. Finally, you can take the Ramp near the lift to Caravanserai and get the last Relic. Now return to the Preacher where you will have multiple choices.

Miracle Healing

Talk to the Refugee at Noctis on the lower floor of Valles Mariner to get this quest. Travel to the marked location and use the convince option(optional) while talking to Refugee and get a new objective. Take Scott to analyze and test the blood samples of the soup, now head to Preacher’s son and defeat him where you will have 3 choices. Either to kill him or leave him or Accept his serums.

Strange Fruit

While you are in a quest at Noctis and you notice a Mutant is showing the interest(check your map). Speak with the Merchant using the Charisma to bribe him to get the information, now go to the marked location to talk to fanatics. You can try to convince the Mutant not to kill them which can lead you losing 1 Mutant Reputation.

Wind Turbine Robbery

Talk to Marco(Manager) near the Cook to begin the quest. Head to the Marked location and talk to the Mutant. Use your Charisma to get more information about the robbers. After a few investigation, you will finally confront the Boss who has 6 allies so be ready for a good fight. After defeating him return to Marco to get +2 Noctis Reputation and +2 Vory Reputation.


Niesha will give you this quest in Noctis where you need to enter the Vory Warehouse in the Slums. You must take down all the enemies inside to get the choice either to encourage Niesha or Intervene her.

A New Great Master

This quest will trigger when you return to save the Technomancers from the Technomancer Temple. Talk to Melvin Mancer and the other masters to get the sub-objective. From left to right and answer him the following.

  • Ans 1 – The Moon
  • Ans 2 – 87%
  • Ans 3 – John Glenn
  • Ans 4 – Mariner 4

The Next Master will give his Sub-objective and after completing talk to the Elite Technomancer to answer the following and get 1000 Exp for completing the quest.

  • Ans 1 – A Doctor and His Patient, The First Technomancer
  • Ans 2 – A Cup Filled with Water
  • Ans 3 – To always protect the secret and try to find the Earth

Counter Ambush

Once you finish the quest – Finding Earth, you get this quest. You need to speak with the Merchant about the caravan, then give all the findings before the search of the spy. You have to fight with the merchant next to the Fan and beat him up where you have 2 choices – either to kill him or let him go. Remember if you let him go you get nothing, but if you can lie and say merchant is dead to get 1000 Exp and 250 Serum.

Bloody Revenge

Talk to Anton’s lackey in Noctis to get this mission where you need to go out in Canyon and find the two dead bodies. Return to Noctis and get the next objective point, where you must talk to 3 people to get more information. Finally, you see the girls are hiding something so simply investigate and complete the quest.

Underground Newspaper

During the ‘Under Threat’ main mission you can simply speak with the guy in the Slums(upstairs) to get this quest. All you need to do is run to the people and speak with them and finally head to the Exchange to find the Stencil Maker to get +10 Opposition Reputation.

Scott Son

Get this quest from Amelia where she asks you to find more info about the Scott’s Son. Go to Ophir, access the archives, it’s won’t be easy so you need to find your way in. Once you reach the second floor get the archives and finish the quest.

A Well in the Desert

You can see this is the first quest from the Mutant Valley where you need to pick your leader. Speak with Scum to ask him to work for you, but he will ask you to find a good pump first. Go to the marked location and find the missing parts of the well from another zone. The zone you select will lead to losing your 1 Reputation there.

Help the Rebels Slaves

Go to the Mutant Coral in Ophir to find more allies, but you need to take out the Mutant guards for the key first. then help the Mutants to escort to the Underground.

The Voice of the Ancestors

Once you complete ‘The Rebel Slaves’ this side quest will be available where you must get the two artifacts from the Church and Ophir. The Church Artifact can be easily found by lockpicking and clearing out the guards. The Ophir Artifact is a little difficult as you need to go against the army members. Once you get both the Relics, return to the Scum and complete the quest.