The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – Longlocks Boss Guide

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Longlocks is a Monster in Blood and Wine DLC where Geralt will be battling in the ‘Beyond Hill and Dale’ quest. This is one of the Ghost Boss and you must defeat the Boss in order to get the Last yellow Bean. This Boss guide will show you how to Defeat Longlocks with ease and explore the newly added quest, armors, weapon and much more.

Longlocks Boss Guide

How to Defeat Longlocks Boss Fight

During you journey in the Beyond Hill and Dale quest after dealing with the Three Pigs you need to explore the Tall tower in the center of the Area. In this Tower, you will find Rapunzel or for this story you can call her as the Longlocks where you see she has Hanged herself with her hair and get ready to fight with Longlock’s Ghost.

Being a Ghost, Longlocks has the ability to Fly and her attacks are very powerful with her attacks and you not only have to defeat her but also the skeletons she summons when she disappears to heal herself. There will be two phase with the Skeletons and three times with Longlocks so better be ready.

Try to use the Yrden to slow her down and make her vulnerable, then apply the specter oil on your sword and start attacking her. Once you drain her health to 60% she will disappear and summons few skeletons on her absence. These Skeletons are easy to fight as they require only two hits to be dead(again).

Once you have dealt with the Skeletons for the second time, Longlocks will appear with full health and this time she won’t disappear so roll towards her and take her down completely. After defeating her you can grab all the loot along with the Yellow Bean and either take Leap of Faith from the balcony or simply take the stairs to head down and get ready to fight with the Next Boss – Cloud Giant.