The Witness – The Best Beginners Tips, Tricks and Cheats

 The Witness – The Best Beginners Tips, Tricks and Cheats

The Witness is a 3D puzzle video game which is now available for Windows, PlayStation 4 and iOS users. The game will take the player through various puzzles and adventures. The player wakes up alone on a strange island which is full of puzzles that will challenge and surprise on every single path. Here are the best Beginners Tips, Tricks and Cheats for The Witness.

he Best Beginners Tips, Tricks and Cheats

As this is a Puzzle game there are times where the player tends to get stuck at a place or takes hours to solve a single puzzle. We will be showing you few Basic and general tips which will help you from the start and finish the game with no sweat. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Guide.

Beginners Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Learn and Know Your Environment

The Witness is a lot more than just puzzles. If you see clearly the Environment is also a hint for the next puzzle. There are no written words in the game so solve puzzles by workshopping ideas directly on the panel you’re working on. Being a Beginner, there is a possibility to get stuck and if so then simply look at the area around you. Pay attention to the trees and shadows which can give you important clues. Every symbol is meant to teach you some meaning. Explore the area and look out for long rows of panels which are designed to learn some symbol’s meaning.

Get the Hint

There will be times where no matter how many times you try you luck you can’t find a solution, but if you observe the whole puzzle and everything around it from plenty of different perspectives you will see Hints. The answer to the puzzle is very clear and certainly nearby. The Witness is full of Hint and Secrets. If you pay good attention, you’ll see large circles like the ones that indicate the start of a maze are hidden in different buildings and nature.

Things You need

If you are a Beginner then you must consider taking a paper, pencil and headphones. Firstly you should know which part you are entering and which part you are stuck on. Take the notes which will help you later in the game. If you think taking notes is not a good option then try using your cell phone’s camera to take pictures of the places and puzzles. Headphones are recommended to notice its top-notch ambience, you won’t even notice them without a loud setup.

Get More Eyes

The Witness is not a multiplayer game, but friends or family can help you a lot. More the eyes on a puzzle the more solutions you get. A fresh brain with a new perspective and even give you a bit of a mental rest. The Game mechanics works to make things visually interesting by being the clue you need to break the whole puzzle. To Finish The Witness 100%, you must complete the series of puzzles until you know you’ve done everything else.

Don’t Activate Every Panel

The Fact here is You don’t need to complete every puzzle in the game to reach its conclusion. Puzzle panels can directly be activated whenever you’ve got a clear line of sight to the panel. If all else fails, simply come back to it with a set of fresh eyes will likely help.

Find the boat

Go to the outskirts of the island to find docks with a boat. The Boat has a map with a bunch of icons on it. Use them to navigate the island. If you find any maze that you are having trouble to understand than simply look for that icon on the map and then go to the corresponding area and start with the a series of puzzles that will teach the new mechanic.

Don’t give up

Last but not the least is Don’t ever Give up as the solution is in the game itself and you can find it. I Promise. You’re going to come across a few puzzles that will stump you. Instead of hurting your brain and repeating the same failure over and over, you might plan to give up. Trust me you just need a break, Come back with a fresh mindset and start again.