The Witness: Walkthrough Part 10 – Swamp, Submerged Rooms and Laser Beam

 The Witness: Walkthrough Part 10 – Swamp, Submerged Rooms and Laser Beam

One of the Most Tricky Area in The Witness is the Swamp as there are multiple rooms with puzzles which should be solved in order to Activate the Laser beam. This Walkthrough Part 10 Will show you all the possible solutions to the puzzle and how to solve the area with a proper guide.

Walkthrough Part 10 - Swamp

Walkthrough Part 10 – Swamp

The Start

Area Mechanics:

  • In a single zone, Multiple shapes can be combined
  • As long as it is in the same zone, Multi-shape zones don’t need the symbol to be contained inside the same shape
  • Shape being tilted at an angle meaning the shape can be used in any rotation but not flipped
  • Blue empty shapes reduce that number of yellow squares in the same zone

There are multiple areas that have puzzles which control the positions of the ground and the shape of the ground will reflect the shape of the current solution, often there can be multiple solutions that move the path around. First Enter the Gate by solving the Puzzle then head straight and on the right you find the first set of the puzzle.

the-witness-walkthrough-part10-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-2.jpg

The Bridge

Then check the back part of the first set you will another set waiting for you. Complete the set and then have a look on te right where a bridge is waiting for you. This bridge here moves depending on which solution you input.

Hint: If you see carefully there is a puzzle on the bridge plate as well.

the-witness-walkthrough-part10-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-5.jpg


Once you pass the bridge you have three options left, right and upstairs. We will head upstairs first and solve the Puzzle. Then Go back to solve the Gate puzzle which will obviously open the Door.

the-witness-walkthrough-part10-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-7.jpg

The Yellow part

Head down and take a left to solve the two sets of yellow puzzles. Use the Bridge puzzle to rotate at your matched input. This bridge section can be set to a side or can have it all enabled at once to open a shortcut out the backside of the swamp up towards the mountain from the boat dock.

the-witness-walkthrough-part10-8.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-9.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-10.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-11.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-12.jpg

The Submerged Rooms

From now on we will be solving the submerged rooms which will give you access to the next room.

the-witness-walkthrough-part10-sb-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-sb-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-sb-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-sb-4.jpg

The Red Room and Laser Beam

After the Blue Submerged Room, you come across the Red Room Entrance. Stand on the platforms and lower them as you move about to get to the lower path moving forwards. Now that you have got the entrance to the Laser Beam, let’s activate it bu solving the last Puzzle.

the-witness-walkthrough-part10-red-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-red-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-red-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-final-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part10-final-2.jpg