The Witness: Walkthrough Part 11 – Tree House, Tree Village, Laser Beam

 The Witness: Walkthrough Part 11 – Tree House, Tree Village, Laser Beam

The Tree Village or Tree House is the next area we are going to solve in The Witness. You can use the Boat to travel to this area and trust me this is one big tricky area. There are multiple areas in it which get you into another big area. Here is how you will complete the Tree House in one shot.

Walkthrough Part 11 - Tree House

Walkthrough Part 11 – Tree House

The Area Mechanics here is that the edge colors need to be paired with another matching color and only in sets of two. Multiple colors can be in the same zone, just not more than or less than two of a color per zone. Once you get out of the Boat you will come across the First puzzle at the Door where you figure out how to solve the rest puzzles in this area. So let’s get going after solving the first puzzle. There will be multiple colored paths ahead so make sure you are on the right track.

the-witness-walkthrough-part11-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-2.jpg

Yellow Path

Here the Trick to solve the puzzle is keep two stars of the same color in a section. Once you reach the Main door the trick is to keep the stars in the even numbers.

the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-7.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-8.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-9.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-yellow-10.jpg

Green Path

Now you have multiple paths, we recommend to take Right and climb up you will come across two paths left is the green and right for orange. First let’s take the Green path and here the trick is that we are combining the elements so it’s ok if the start is in the same place. You will come across a puzzle with multiple exits so choose carefully. Here we have to go straight and grab solve the main Puzzle.

the-witness-walkthrough-part11-green-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-green-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-green-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-green-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-green-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-green-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-green-7.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-green-8.jpg

Orange Path 1

This is the when you return from the Green path, Here the Trick is that there are two different colored stars which can share same spaces only two at each side. Again you will come across the multiple exit puzzle so solve the right exit puzzle and activate the panel.

the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-7.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-8.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-9.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-10.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-11.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-12.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange1-13.jpg

Pink Path

Let’s Move down now to the start area and take left for the Pink Path. as we need to solve one more puzzle to get the main exit. Solve the first set and then head up to solve the next. Climb up to solve the next set.

the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-7.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-8.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-9.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-10.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-11.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-pink-12.jpg

Orange Path 2

In this Orange path the colored stars are not affected by each other so here you can bind a colored star box with the same color. This means you need to get the puzzle solved with just one star.

the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-7.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-8.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-9.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-10.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-11.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-orange2-12.jpg

The Final Maze

Now you’ll get the Multiple solution puzzles where we need to head right and solve the area’s main puzzle.


Activating Laser Beam

Now you will come across the same area where you reached the other way round. Hereafter solving the pink panel puzzle, you need to run towards the door which opens as there is a time-based puzzle. The door will close if you don’t reach on time. Reach there and activate the Laser Beam. Thus concluding the Treehouse area walkthrough.

the-witness-walkthrough-part11-final-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part11-final-2.jpg