The Witness: Walkthrough Part 13 – Tropical Forest, Jungle, Bird Sound, Laser Beam

 The Witness: Walkthrough Part 13 – Tropical Forest, Jungle, Bird Sound, Laser Beam

The Tropical Forest or the Jungle whatever you call it in The Witness, it is one of my favorite puzzles so far. A Different kind of hint which can be easily missed if you are not paying attention. To Complete This area walkthrough we recommend using headphones as the sound is your hint. Without any further ado, let’s begin with the Walkthrough.

Walkthrough Part 13

Walkthrough Part 13 – Tropical Forest

The Jungle

Here the Sound plays an important key to this area. The Bird chirps can be heard around each puzzle with varying pitch. The pitch of each note determines the path on the puzzle. The First one is as shown in the Map can be easily solved, but be careful with the rest as it the door will close if there is a wrong input.

the-witness-walkthrough-part13-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part13-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part13-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part13-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part13-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part13-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part13-7.jpg

Go Ahead and Solve the rest as it totally depends on the beats of the Sound that is the Bird’s chirps.

the-witness-walkthrough-part13-8.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part13-9.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part13-10.jpg

The Laser Beam

Once you finish all the Puzzles, go ahead into the Forest and follow the Pink cable it will lead you to the Laser beam. Activate it.Thus Completing the easiest yet complicated walkthrough. Hope you like it and do check our Other Walkthrough for The Witness.