The Witness: Walkthrough Part 5 – Desert Ruins, Underground Water Reflection, Elevator Room, and Laser Beam

 The Witness: Walkthrough Part 5 – Desert Ruins, Underground Water Reflection, Elevator Room, and Laser Beam

Desert Ruins in The Witness is one of the Lengthy areas where the player needs to explore the underground in order to solve the puzzle and activate the Laser beam. This is the next area after completing the Orchard and Windmill. In this Area, each puzzle solution can be found by using the glare from the sun to reveal a path that is less reflective. Let us show you some solution with this Walkthrough Guide.

Desert Ruins, Underground Water Reflection

Walkthrough Part 5 – Desert Ruins

The Desert Ruins is to the North of the Artist’s Studio, once you enter the desserts you will see the desserts, a temple, and some underground tunnel. Side to the temple you will notice the Red Panel which is your first clue to the Puzzle. Start the solving the puzzles until the Temple Door’s Puzzle gets unlocked.

Hint: To solve these Puzzle you must see the sunlight, the certain angle can be seen.

the-witness-walkthrough-part5-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-3.jpg

The Temple

The last Switch requires to use the switch and rotate the panel. Just like the One shown in the picture below. Get inside the Temple and turn right to see the switch that turns on the three floodlights. Each Floodlight will uncover some new pattern if you look with different angles.

the-witness-walkthrough-part5-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-7.jpg


After Solving the Floodlight Puzzle, head down the stairs and enter the room full of puzzles with a water pool in between. The water is the hint to you Puzzle that the reflections can be used to solve the puzzle.

the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug-7.jpg

Head to the Lowest level in the dark room where you can use one of four places to raise and lower the water. You just need to find the best way to find the best angle while the water level changes and get the solution.

the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug1-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug1-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug1-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug1-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug1-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-ug1-6.jpg

Elevator Room

The Final Room is where you need to activate the elevator by powering it up. You must be careful and try finishing the puzzle from the backside unobstructed and wait until it reaches the top.

the-witness-walkthrough-part5-elevator-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-elevator-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-elevator-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-elevator-6.jpg

The Puzzle is Not yet finished as the Laser beam is not pointing the right way. So go and follow the beam into the town in order to adjust the panel. And thus concluding the Walkthrough Part 5 and continue with the next adventure of The Quarry

the-witness-walkthrough-part5-final-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-final-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part5-final-3.jpg