The Witness: Walkthrough Part 9 – Fall Forest and Shady Orange Tress

 The Witness: Walkthrough Part 9 – Fall Forest and Shady Orange Tress

The Part we going to cover in this Walkthrough is The Fall Forest and the Shady Trees. This Location is Next to Quarry, exactly between the Windmill and the Castle. There are two types of puzzle you need to solve here and once you’re done with the tow we will proceed to the Main Gate and activate the Laser Beam.

Fall Forest and Shady Orange Tress

Walkthrough Part 9 – Fall Forest

The Main Area

Take Right From the Main Area where you saw the Laser Beam and you will come across a Brown Gate with a simple Blue plate Puzzle on it. Solve it to open the Door, then head downstairs and start with the first main puzzle. The hint here is the branch shadow which should be avoided. Just like the images shown below.

the-witness-walkthrough-part9-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-7.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-8.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-9.jpg

Left Area

After solving these puzzles, there will be a path that splits, you first take left and let’s solve these Puzzles the same way we did before. As you move further you will see the hints on the Tress to solve the next set of the puzzles.

the-witness-walkthrough-part9-left-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-left-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-left-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-left-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-left-5.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-left-6.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-left-7.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-left-8.jpg

Right Area

Once you finish with left area, lets head to the right area and finish the next set. Here the puzzle hint is to follow the branch shadow in order to complete it.

the-witness-walkthrough-part9-right-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-right-2.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-right-3.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-right-4.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-right-5.jpg

Main Gate

Now that both areas are solved let’s open the main gate and activate the Laser beam to finish the area walkthrough.

the-witness-walkthrough-part9-final-1.jpg the-witness-walkthrough-part9-final-2.jpg