The Witness: Where to Find all the Video Logs Location Guide

 The Witness: Where to Find all the Video Logs Location Guide

The Witness is one of the best open world puzzle games we have come across. It takes the player through various puzzles and adventures alone on a strange island. You are going to have one hell of a ride even for those who are a master at solving the puzzle. There are various collectibles that can be found on this strange island. This Guide will show you where to find the video logs in The Witness.

Where to Find all the Video Logs

If you remember once you clear teh garden area you come across the Mysterious White Door on the left and when you crack the puzzle you get on the hint. This is nothing but the hint to see the Video Log. The Witness Fans have already started their hunt for the hidden collectibles. One of the Steam User – MadMax, have located all 6 video logs and here are the location.

Where to Find all the Video Logs

Once you find the Hidden Log puzzle, you need to head down in the wind will area and there you will find the secret theater to watch all these collected Video logs. If you have any doubts you can let us know in the comments below.

Video Log 1

Location: The Mysterious White Door(Next to Garden)

the-witness-video-log-location-1.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-2.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-3.jpg


the-witness-video-log-location-27-1.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-27-2.jpg

Video Log 2

Location: The Dessert

the-witness-video-log-location-4.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-5.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-6.jpg


the-witness-video-log-location-28-1.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-28-2.jpg

Video Log 3

Location: Monastery

the-witness-video-log-location-7.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-8.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-9.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-10.jpg


the-witness-video-log-location-29-1.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-29-2.jpg

Video Log 4

Location: Caves

the-witness-video-log-location-11.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-12.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-13.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-14.jpg



Video Log 5

Location: Sunken Ship

the-witness-video-log-location-15.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-16.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-17.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-18.jpg


the-witness-video-log-location-30-1.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-30-2.jpg

Video Log 6

Location: Mountain

the-witness-video-log-location-19.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-20.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-21.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-22.jpg


the-witness-video-log-location-31-1.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-31-2.jpg

Where to find the Secret Theater

Go to the Windmill, head downstairs and find the Secret Theater right in front of you. Check the Images below to locate as per map.

the-witness-video-log-location-23.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-24.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-25.jpg the-witness-video-log-location-26.jpg