These Are 29 Rare Weapons In Fallout 4, How To Unlock Them and Stats Revealed

 These Are 29 Rare Weapons In Fallout 4, How To Unlock Them and Stats Revealed

Fallout 4’s combats are not as easy as one would guess, so it’s very important for you to have a wide variety and range of weapons so you can always get rid of your enemies, no matter how much strong they are. Take a look at the list below so you can see the best unique and rare weapons in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Rare Weapon List

Spray N’ Pray:

Machine gun, Bullets explode on impact (15+ damage), Cricket sells it in front of Vault 81

Survival’s Special:

Laser gun, Does more damage with low health, Steal from Paladin Brandis or kill him at Bunker Theta

Wastelander’s Friend:

Pistol, +50% Limb damage, Buy at Deb’s, at Bunker Hill

Le Fusil Terribles

Shotgun, +25% damage, +25% damage, more recoil, On the Libertaria, the ship in the east

Good Intentions

Laser rifle, Critical hits cause target’s frenzy, At Quincy Ruins, far south east of the map, you will find the enemy Clint in a power suit holding it

Experiment 18-A

Plasma rifle, +25% fire rate, +15% reload speed, Sold by the merchant in the Institute


Cannon, No bonus, It’s a reward for completing the chain of quests on the USS Constitution


Pistol, Improved VATS, 25% less Action Point cost, Quest Tradecraft (main quest chain)

Short Syringen Rifle

Rifle, No Bonus, This is delivered after a few quests at Vault 81, north west of Diamond City

AX90 Fury

Gun, 50% more damage versus Super Mutants, Sold by Teagan after completing the main quest Reunions


Mini gun, Sets targets on fire for 15 damage points, Complete The Big Dig sub quest in Goodneighbor on Fahrenheit’s side

Tinker Tom Special

Rifle, VATS accuracy increased but costs more AP if you are not in combat yet, Buy it at Tinker Tom’s in Railroad HQ, near Old North Church (northeast from Diamond City), costing 1649 caps

General Chao’s Revenge

Sword, +50% damage against robots, South of Concord you will find Drumlin Diner, help Trudy and kill the bandits so you can have it by paying 2100 caps

The Gainer

Revolver, Sets targets on fire w/15 points of damage, Go to the Gainer pump stagion east from Finch Farm; in the building you will face a mechanism with four button: press 10, 4, 5 and 1. Enter the room now unlocked and loot it from the dead body.

Virgil’s Rifle

Rifle, +50% damage against super mutants, You will only be able to get it during or after The Glowing Sea quest. Go to the Rocky Cage, south west of Atom Crater, and meet Virgil before stealing the weapon from him or killing him.


Rifle, Freezes enemies, It’s in a case with a Master Lock in Vault 111; you can also take advantage of a glitch asking Meatdog to fetch an item in front of the door… then see what happens.


Rifle, +50% damage against mirelurks and bugs, Complete a quest at the Rook Family House, on the peninsula in the far north-east, given by a man on the roof

Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential

Laser gun, Unlimited ammo capacity, It’s near University Point, on the coast south east of Diamond City. Specifically, there’s a bank right there, go into the basement and then into the bank vault.

Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun

Gun, Severe enemy knockback, You will get it only killing Lorenzo in Parsons Stat Insane Asylum, during the Secret of Cabot House quest.

Zeta Gun

Gun, No Bonus, Get it in The Secret of Cabot House, looting Jack Cabot’s body.


Missile launcher, +50% more damage against humans, Buy it at 15000 caps in Gun Gun shop in the Goodneighbor area

Big Jim

Pipe Wrench, +20% chance of crippling the target’s leg, Head to Walden Pond, southwest of Museum of Freedom, south of Concord. Go into the sewer, then follow the tunnel until you reach a room with Walter and Whiplash; take the Big Jim from the table there.


Sword, +13 Energy damage, Once at level 20, go to Saugus Ironworks inside the Saugus Blast Furnace, northeast of Diamond City

Grognak’s Axe

Axe, Hit cause more stagger and targets take bleed damage, Enter Hubris Comics building at north east of Diamond City, and get the Grognak’s Axe in a locked glass box.

Furious Power Fist Weapon

Melee Weapon, Hit cause more stagger and targets take bleed damage, Defeat Swan to the Swan’s Pond, right of Diamond City

Gamma Gun

Gun, No Bonus, Get the weapon on the bottom left corner of the map, in Decayed Reactor Site (bring your Power armor or Hazmat Suit here).

Alien Blaster Pistol

Pistol, No Bonus, You will find the weapon near Oberland Station, during the even Alien Crash Site you will unlock at level 14+

Overseer’s Guardian

Rifle, Shots an additional projectile, Buy it in Vault 81, left of Diamond City, once you have 3 fusion cores. It costs 3138 caps.

Kremvh’s Tooth

Knife, Targets bleed and are poisoned, Find the weapon in Dunwich Borers, on the right side of the map, near Hugo’s Hole

Shem Drowne Sword

Sword, Radiation damage, Take The Gilded Grasshopper quest in Diamond City. At the end of it you will dig up a grave where you will find the weapon