Thief achievements and trophies

Here is the list of achievements and trophies for an Eidos Montreal creation, Thief. What do we get after playing our favourite game for hours n hours? What do we expect from our beloved game? It would be higher levels, achievements and trophies, right? Released in February this year, Thief received mixed reviews, most of which were of-course positive.

ThiefThief was praised for its stealth gameplay, level design, graphics, and replay value. If you still haven’t laid your hand on this Square Enix production and are not sure what would get in return then go through the list of achievements and trophies below:

Man of Steal
The True Master Thief

Obsessive Compulsive
Steal all loot and collectibles in a single chapter.

Sleight of Hand
Pick 100 pockets in a single playthrough.

Quickly Pick a Lucky Lock
Pick a lock with masterful speed.

Something to Prove
Finish the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more.

Dark Archer
Complete 10 optional Thieving Challenges.

Legend in Leather
Complete 25 optional Thieving Challenges.

Mint Condition
Finish three consecutive missions without taking damage.

Focus on the Tasks at Hand
Pick a pocket and a lock using the focus ability.

Moral Victory
Finish the game without a single kill or knockout.

One Step Ahead
Disarm ten trap mechanisms.

Clear Headed
Reach the final chapter without using Focus.

Hard Times
Finish the game on Master difficulty.

Modesty Denied
Score 5,000,000+ in a Challenge map.

Child of the Shadows
Complete a chapter without alerting anyone.

Hail of Glass
Shoot a bottle mid-air with an arrow.

Health Hazard
Kill / Knock out 10 people using the environment.

Complete one set of collectibles.

What’s Yours is Mine
Complete all sets of collectibles.

Hidden Agenda
Discover 15 secret areas.

Finders Keepers
Discover all secret areas.

Cache Dispenser
Use 40,000 gold.

Working Overtime
Complete all Client Jobs in The City.

Dastardly Deeds
Complete all Basso Jobs in The City.

All that Glitters
Steal 5 collectibles.

More Heist Less Speed
Finish the game in 15 hours or more.


Happy Birthday
“Sweet sixteen. Snuff said.” (Snuff out 16 candles)

Old Habits Die Hard
Find all the secret stashes in Moira Asylum.

Two Faced
Find both of Lyegrove’s masks in the jewelry store at Stonecutter’s Court.

The Drop
Finish the Prologue.

Finish Chapter 01.

Dust to Dust
Finish Chapter 02.

Dirty Secrets
Finish Chapter 03.

A Friend in Need
Finish Chapter 04.

The Forsaken
Finish Chapter 05.

A Man Apart
Finish Chapter 06.

The Hidden City
Finish Chapter 07.

The Dawn’s Light
Finish Chapter 08.