Tiny But Extremely Useful Bloodborne PS4 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Feature

 Tiny But Extremely Useful Bloodborne PS4 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Feature

The latest game from From Software after the most popular Souls games, Bloodborne is being played in full swing all around, if you are a Hunter and looking for Quick Bloodborne tips, you have come to the right place.


Bloodborne PS4 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Feature

Bloodborne players cannot use the PS4 Suspend/Resume Feature as the co-op does not work after players resume Bloodborne. They have to quit the current session to successfully use the summoning bells. Players also have lost insights because of this issue.

You will lose all your Blood Echoes if you die, to retrieve them, find your body after you respawn and collect it from your previous body. If an enemy collects the Blood Echoes from your body before you, go and kill that enemy to retrieve you Echoes.

If you roll at a low armored enemy, it will be stunned.

In Bloodborne you can run straight past ANY enemy, yes it is absolutely possible. If you want to skip the first three bosses check out this guide.

If you are stuck on the very first of Bloodborne Boss, Cleric Beast you can easily defeat him by making use of visceral attacks and gun to stun him. Lock on to his head and shoot him 3 times in the face, when you successfully stun him, he will drop to his knees and then you can use visceral attacks to take him down completely.

The presence of Blood Rocks in Chalice Dungeons have been confirmed by a Reddit user fletchii, use fmu9qx9g and go on the second layer.

Steps for getting Twin Blood Stone Shards

  • Defeated the Blood Starved Beast
  • Reach the Cathedral Ward
  • Go out and finish the Gravekeeper
  • Find the tall cloaked enemy in the corner and die in the fight
  • After the cutscenes go up on the stairs from the prison
  • Try to avoid two more cloaked enemies
  • Light the lantern and lure them to to the lower level
  • When their heads are stuck you can easily kill them
  • Killing them will give 1300+ Souls each, two Shard per kill or 1 Twin Blood Stone Shard
  • Reach The Hunters Dream and use the headstone at the farther location
  • New location will be Hypogean Gaol
  • Repeat The process

It is possible in Bloodborne to roll out of a knocked down state, keep in mind that you can even get hit while in this state.

We will be sure of adding more tips soon, meanwhile if you have an important Bloodborne tip, share it with us in the comments section and we will add it in this article with along with your name!