Tips and Tricks For Combat, Battle And Upgrades – Final Fantasy XV

 Tips and Tricks For Combat, Battle And Upgrades – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV finally out on PS4 and Xbox One. This is Final Fantasy XV tips and tricks guide detailing some of the cool things that every player must know. The tips mention below will surely enhance the overall gameplay experience of Final Fantasy XV players. I have divided the tips into three categories: General, Combat, and Battle. If you think we have missed out on some tips then let us know about it in the comment section below. So without any further ado, lets us get started.

Tips and Tricks - Final Fantasy XV

Combat, Battle and General Tips For Final Fantasy XV

Battle Tips

  • FINAL FANTASY XV is the first mainline numbered, non-MMO FINAL FANTASY to feature a completely action-based combat system.
  • The game utilizes active combat, so everything happens in real time. For people who enjoy the more traditional turn-based gameplay, see wait mode section.
  • During gameplay, in the lower left-hand HUD (heads-up display), you will see what weapons and spells you have equipped. You can equip up to four to have in your Primary Arms at any given time and you can equip any types of offensive or defensive weapons/spells to fit your gameplay style.
  • Using the attack button (O on PS4, B on Xbox One) will allow you to attack seamlessly. This gameplay style is designed to be easy for the beginner action gamer, but when holding down the Left Stick, you can fluidly press different directions on the Directional Buttons to choose different weapons mid-attack to perform powerful attack combinations.
  • Advanced and strategic gamers are encouraged to mastering different attack combinations.
  • Blade-warping is an ability where Noctis can throw his weapon from point A to point B to either attack an enemy or escape from battle to restore HP / MP. If using offensively, the further you are away from your target, the stronger the final warp-strike attack will be!
  • Using (R1 on PS4 or RB on Xbox One) to target your enemy to make warp-striking as strategic as possible.
  • When gaining Royal Arms (see later article about Royal Arms), you’ll notice different royal arms have completely unique and amazing warp-strike animations!
  • Use blade-warping defensively if swarmed by large enemies to get out of battle!
  • Magic plays a key role in battle, to use it – equip it in one of your four Primary Arms slots. When equipped in battle, hold down attack and aim the area of effect you’d like to hit – see magic section for more details on how to strategically craft magic.
  • Magic always does an area of effect damage which could hurt you and your allies. Use it wisely!
  • Using your party members in battle is a huge bonus – you can use Techniques (team up attacks) at any point in battle as long as you have one green bar filled in on the lower left hand HUD. You can call them in by holding down (L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One) and then selecting which buddy you’d like to call in by using the D-Pad.
  • Different buddies have varying offensive or defensive Techniques, which are useful in various scenarios. For example, Gladio’s Tempest attack is extremely useful when needing to wipe out large mobs since the ability draws in monsters. But Prompto’s Piercer attack is useful when dealing with a single large enemy since his attack only hits enemies in a line, and also reduces defense. This is still the choice for dealing with a single large enemy due to its high critical damage rate.
  • Using restorative items is crucial during the game. It’s as simple as pressing (R2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox One) and then using the D-Pad to select which items to use. Don’t forget to heal your allies!
    • If players are not pressed too hard to respond, then it is good to immediately use a potion when an ally gets in trouble.
    • When multiple allies are in danger and you have a good stock of mega potions then players can use one to heal them all in one go. If an ally’s total HP have been reduced, then it is a good idea to rest a while after battle to recover it. It takes a while but max HP does slowly recover with time.
    • In addition, by learning the allies’ abilities “First Aid” or “Expert First Aid,” players can make it easier to survive without having to devote effort to managing allies’ health.

General Tips

  • Ignis (my personal favourite character in Final Fantasy XV) has an ability to learn cooking recepies from reading signs and books, finding new ingredients, and eating things at restaurants. Also, Ignis can also learn new dishes from seeing them. So if someone is eating, walk by them.
  • You can unlock new skills or a AP by sleeping in numerous places, including Motels. In Final Fantasy XV, story scenes can be played out at different places.
  • There is hardly anything that is missiable permanently in Final Fantasy XV. In fact you can visit the bosses and fight them again.
  • Save those coins. You can stack XP magic up to level 99. In addition, every 4 items put into an xp spell increases uses by +1. There is a 3X XP hotel later in the game, so if you’re going to power level, save it. Also, Ignis learns a +100% XP gain food as he levels his skill.
  • Speaking of Ignis, his range of buffs is insane. I run a 80%+ crit food constantly.
  • After getting the basic upgrades from the magic tree, I wouldn’t bother putting more in. I put a lot in and see poor returns even with break limit spells.
  • DO put points into the various stat boosts, bro abilities, and healing tree.
  • The infinite airstep upgrade is cool and worth every point spent.
  • When fishing, don’t just stop reeling when there is tension, stop when the fish splashes too.
  • There is a lure you get from a quest that I have yet to find a duplicate of. It’s amazing, so be wary of losing it.
  • Upgrading your royal arms (finding more) increases the damage of armiger.
  • Be careful about what you sell. Some items are used for quests or upgrading and can be a pain to get more of.
  • Explore. There is so much cool stuff hidden in out of the way places.
  • Save often. Don’t rely on autosaves.
  • Upgrading your chocobo is very helpful. It’s way faster than getting around on foot.
  • Press the sprint button again just before you run out of Stamina to refill it.
  • Don’t be shy about spending gil. It’s not too hard to get if you take your time, explore, and do side missions/hunts.
  • Speaking of hunts, DO THEM! They give good loot, you’ll see unique monsters, and you can see more, do more, and get more as you put time into the Hunter’s Guild. Think of this feature as the one from Final Fantasy XII but with about 100X more marks and less story for each mark)
  • Doing side quests can unlock new items in shops, new skills for characters, discounts, and vanity changes for your car and chocobo. (Along with changes that effect gameplay like car upgrades and chocobo medals) Seriously, explore.
  • When falling from a tall height, if you hit the defend button before smacking into the ground, you do a tech roll and negate any fall damage:
  • Spar with Gladio at camp with greatsword, land the final blow with warp strike or parry. You can farm 1 AP per minute, or may be better if you are good at it.


  • You can initiate multiple combo finishers by finishing a combo with one weapon, switching to another during the combos animation, and the pressing O.
  • You can combo while using your party’s special attacks, however, you have to input the actions quickly right before selecting the special attack. This does not grant you invincibility frames during the combo, but it’s nice to deal a little extra damage if you’re confident.
  • Chocobos can give you buffs and help out in battle. Don’t be afraid to bring them along.
  • Be careful when taking your party members out of Danger! status. You do NOT have invincibility frames and neither do they.
  • Your clothes have different effects. Dress proper for the occasion.
  • Do not forget to equip your party members with the best gear you have. Teamwork is indeed important and they become less of a burden.
  • Enemies do regain HP once you leave the battle. If you engage and disengage too much, sometimes they will disappear.


  • In order to instantly refill Stamina Bar of Noctis, players on PS4 can hit L3 as soon as the stamina bar is depleted. It will get a boost and instant refill. It can also be done by holding O and letting go right before it is depleted.
  • Don’t use the Axe of the Conqueror on a big group of enemies. If you warp strike with the axe into a large group, the combined recoil will 1-hit you.
  • HOLD triangle or Y button to point warp. Tapping the button will do a regular warp
  • Closely watch the colors for the damage numbers for enemy resist/weakness. The colors of the damage numbers tell you if the enemy is weak or strong against the type of weapon/magic/effect you’re using against it: White: baseline purple: enemy resists the type orange: enemy is weak against the type.
  • Constantly check the radios in shops and towns. They fill you in on backstory and current events.
  • Hit triangle (Y on Xbox One) at the main menu to see what all the attributes and icons do
  • Easy tricast for all your magic: If you buy sweet pepper for 50 gil from pretty much anywhere but hammerhead (motel works), you can use that as catalyst and make your Magic tricast (casts up to 3 times). This is incredibly powerful and way cheaper than spending elixirs or similar mats for multi casting. Sheep milk is a cheaper version that gives duo cast. Only 10 Gil. You can buy that from the car.
  • Hit Triangle To Sound The Regalia’s Horn. Also hold R3 to retract/extend the top
  • The garula often cross the roads. If they are and you honk at them, they actually stop because you startle them.
  • Press the down on the D-pad when listening to the music to either repeat a song over and over or shuffle the playlist
  • Hitting “Guard/Dodge” right after a long fall negates damage.
  • Even if you don’t use the Royal Arms, they all give incredible stat boosts when equipped

For more Final Fantasy XV guides check out our Wiki Page. It details complete campaign walkthrough, collectibles location, how to guides, and many other things. Thanks to Reddit user for the general tips.