Tips to fix PS4 Pro Error CE-34788-0

Error CE-34788-0 appears when you are trying to run a firmware update on PS4 Pro through a pen drive. When you try to access the firmware you will get the error because the console is not able to detect the right firmware version. There are some simple fixes below that will help you to fix the issue. It is not a major issue on the console, the same was present in the older version also.

PS4 Pro Error CE-34788-0

Tips to fix Error CE-34788-0 on PS4 Pro:

Format the USB to FAT32:

Format the pen drive to FAT32 or exFAT format. If you have NTFS or any other partition format then it won’t work. Just insert the pen drive in a Windows based pc, right click and choose format. Select the file system as FAT32 and click on OK. Copy the firmware file in it and connect it to the console.

Download the right firmware from the official website. The file name is PS4UPDATE.PUP. Do not rename or do any changes. Copy the file in the roof of usb drive. From the console go in Update and choose the file.

Test with different USB:

Sometime the file gets damage due to improper download or some issues with the system. Best thing is to re-download it and copy it again in the thumb drive. You can also try using a different drive if the first one is continuously giving you errors.

Reboot PS4 Pro:

If you are turning on your console, wait back for few minutes, do not instantly connect the usb and run the update. Do this after a couple of minutes after instant on.

Online PS4 Pro Update:

Online update is another way if the usb is not working. You just require an active internet connection to the console. Go in Settings and then choose System Software update. Follow the screen instructions and update it. This would be easier in case your usb is not working well or you don’t have a spare one.

Update through Game Disc:

Second way of running a firmware update if the USB is giving you the error, is using a disc. Some game disc comes with latest updates you can use them also.

Restore to factory settings:

The last and final thing is if nothing works is to Re-install the system software. Remember this will restore the console back to its factory settings. You can do that by turning it on Safe Mode by holding the power button for a while and releasing it after second beep. Choose initialize PS4 and once it is done use the USB back again to run fresh update.

So these are few steps that can help you to troubleshoot the Error CE-34788-0.