Tips to make your Pokemon happy in Pokemon Sun and Moon

 Tips to make your Pokemon happy in Pokemon Sun and Moon

By making your Pokemon happy, you have more chances for an early evolution. So there is a simple trick that can help you to make them happy pretty easily. The trick is pretty simple, you just require swapping Tech Machines a few number for times for around five to ten minutes when you are teaching them a new move. The actual process is:

  1. Start with 2 TM’s to begin teaching your Pokemon, for example Pichu.
  2. Now replace the existing move with your first TM.
  3. After that replace the above move with another TM.
  4. Do the same thing, replace the last move taught with next TM.

This is the process you will have to repeat a few number of times to level up your Pokemon and finally push it to the stage of evolution. Quiet a simple hack isn’t it.

A few more tips that will help you to get better score in the game are below:

  1. Put your Pokemon on constant battle, so that its attacks can be more effective.
  2. Check the menu, and you might find a few hidden QR codes. Use them to get unlocks.
  3. The game also feature Wonder Trade, it can help you to get some additional items.
  4. The game features Pokemon Refresh. This is something like cuddling the cute character. You can use this a few number of time to create strong bond and make it happy. By using this there is no need to spend money on Paralysis Heal or Antidotes.