Titanfall 2 – How to Wall Run like a Pro


Respawn Entertainment’s second installment of Titanfall will feature six different Titans, single player campaign, leveling-up sounds and much more. Just like the predecessor, the player will control both the pilot and the Titans for extra abilities and enhance combat. In this guide, we will show how to Wall Run like a Pro with increased speed than sprinting.

How to Wall Run like a Pro

How to Wall Run like a Pro

Before we begin with the Pro level technique, let me first start with the basics. If you have played the first Titanfall then you know how the wall run allows the Pilot to run onto walls and run along them at double sprinting speed. This allows you an ease access to the certain point of interest on maps. In the first 15 minutes of the Titanfall 2, you will unlock the Double Jump for your Suit where you need to jump against a wall then move horizontally towards it.

The Wall Running can be performed for 1.75 seconds before falling off. As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock Enhanced Parkour Kit similar to Titanfall 1 which allows you to extend your ability to move through the map and increase the amount to wall running to 3.5 seconds. So What to do until we unlock the Enhanced Parkour Kit? Have you tried Chain Wall Run? This is one of my favorite part in the game. With the chain wall run, you can move twice as fast as normal sprinting.

Chain Wall Run

In order to execute this technique, you must improve your fluidity of the wall run by jumping from one wall to another and chaining the parallel wall together. Chain wall run will definitely improve your speed, but if you want to boost it to max then try not to stick around with one wall for too long. Simply make it one jump run then jump to another wall run and repeat the same.

Pro Wall Jump

Once you are clear with the above two techniques then get ready to maximize your Wall Running to Pro Level. This will be a little tricky, but try to practice it for a while then there will be no one to stop you. You need to start with a few wall hopping and once you gain the speed try to lean towards the movement(left or right) you are running on the wall. All we need to do is make our Pilot curve in mid-air to gain max momentum and increased speed. You need to practice a lot to get the right curve.

This was all about the Wall Running if you have doubt then do let us know in the comments below and do check our other tips and tricks guide at Titanfall 2 Wiki guide.