TitanFall: Fix for Screen flicker, Low FPS, Slow Graphics, lagging on Xbox One/360


If you experiencing issues while playing TitanFall like screen flickering, slow graphics response, low fps or lag during gameplay on Xbox One/360 then here is quick solution to it.


Many Xbox One/360 players are reporting this graphics issues with TitanFall at official forums and on other social sites like reddit. Cause of this problem is unclosed session from your previous gameplay of TitanFall. So before launching TitanFall to play make sure you have closed previous session of it and there is no more active sessions of TitanFall in your Xbox One/360 memory.

To close TitanFall previous session before launchign new one simply follow following steps:

  1. Just hit start button while you hover on TitanFall App icon
  2. Select Quit App.
  3. Simply launch and enjoy TitanFall with better graphics experience.