Tom Clancy: The Division Beta – Where to find the Dark Zone Chest Key Location Guide

 Tom Clancy: The Division Beta – Where to find the Dark Zone Chest Key Location Guide

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Tom Clancy: The Division Beta will be available on 28th Jan for Xbox One whereas on PC and PS4 it will be on 29th Jan. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game and still want hands on for this Game than check out our Guide on how to Play The Division Beta for Free. This guide will show you where exactly to find the dark zone keys in Tom Clancy: The Division Beta map.

Where to find the Dark Zone Chest Key Location

Dark Zone is the area where the player will have most interaction outside of Social Zones or Bases of Operations as it the PvP/PvE area. There are various collectibles including the chest which requires the Dark Zone Keys. Not only the key is required sometimes it will ask for 10+ Dark Zone level. SO without any further ado, let’s begin our hunt for Dark Zone Keys.

Where to find the Dark Zone Chest Key

Dark Zone Chest can be tracked in two ways either they are random drops by the High-Level Enemies or other players(if they carry with them). The same goes for you as well, if you die in Dark zone then you will lose 3 things – Money, Dark Zone credits and Dark zone keys. The Amount will vary on which state you die(fire, normal death, etc).

Before we start with the hunt, we would like to tell you about the Different Chest present in Dark Zone area.

  1. Small Containers – No key required
  2. Rank Chest – Requires certain Dark Zone Rank to Open
  3. Dark Zone Chest – Dark Zone Keys Required

Coming back to the locations for the Dark Zone Chests, they can be found behind teh high-level guards. Whenever you see Purple enemies guarding the yellow bar enemies then there should be a Dark Zone chest nearby. To make it easier to locate them, you can open up your Map and see the zones which are marked Dark Zone levels(zoom out).

Now here is the catch, Open up the Dark Zone 02 and on the Top right corner(E 38th St) you will see a mark near the Morgan Library. You will find a group of enemies near the Entrance so kill them and acquire the dark zone keys. In order to check how much dark zone keys you have then, you can track then in Inventory and in the pouches tab you will see the Access Keys.