Tom Clancy: The Division’s Beta – How To Play Beta On PS4 for Free

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a role-playing open-world third-person shooter game. The Game takes place in mid-crisis New York with much of a destructive environment which is free to explore. This guide will show you how to play The Division’s Beta On PS4 for free.

How To Play Beta On PS4 for Free

Get Ready to find the agents who are caught in a worldwide conspiracy and fight against the threats of the virus. The Game will be releasing on March 8, 2016, and the Beta will be available on 28th Jan for Xbox One whereas on PC and PS4 it will be on 29th Jan. Here is how you can get your Beta copy for free.

The Division Beta will be available for 3 days and only for the players who have pre-ordered the game. They get a Beta key which helps them to download the game and we will be doing the same in order to get one.

Step 1:

Create a PlayStation Account(UK location)

Step 2:

In the PlayStation Store ‘Pre-order The Division’

Step 3:

Select ‘Pay and Pre-order'(No payment required)

Step 4:

Once teh Beta is ready it will be ready to download

Step 5:

Enjoy the Beta

Step 6:

Once Beta is over cancel the pre-order so no need to pay on March 8th(release date).