Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Guide

You might have been heard about the fifth instalment of Splinter Cell series. The game is developed by Ubisoft and the developers of Splinter Cell game series. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction is released for Xbox 360 and a similar version is released on iPhone also. I am here providing you a full walkthrough on the game series in single player mode.

It is a new action and adventure pack for the Tom Clancy series. The game begins with a few time before when the first series of Splinter Cell : Double Agent was out. The game states here when Sam’s the lead game characters decide to chase his daughter’s murders and get revenge from him. In solving the case of his killed daughter he came into a national level threat mission. He works for Third Echelon a government agency. He has left the job a long time before, but his fate took back him to the similar area.

Turning sequences in the game told same that there is a master plan going on by the Terrorist to attack Washington D.C. To which his daughters murder case is somewhat related. This new series of game is bit different as compare to the older packs. It offers you much newer gadgets and shooting skills. The game is enough capable to keep you engaged for long time and Ubisoft had done some really nice trick in the game you keep the gamers glued to the game. In Tam Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction there is no loading screen even if you die. But the new feature in Splinter Cell Conviction offers you more surprises. The story mode keeps you to move forward.

In Splinter Cell : Conviction Sam has some nice movements and real good speed. The pace of these characters is increased in most of the case as compare to the older version of the game. Sam can quickly climb pipes and jump fences in the same way much faster. In the 5th instalment of Splinter Cell series the game has nice FPS experience. Talking about the gameplay the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction offers you many new features like target marking, enemies spotting via Sonar Goggle, shooting away, glass break, burst effect, environmental object collection, etc. This makes the game much more realistic in playing with full new sound effects. In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction gamers have choice to select the target as per priority. You can spot number of enemies in the way and then your radar will show you which you clear first. One more new thing added to Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction is the LAST KNOWN POSITION effect. In this SAM can create a fake visual of his location which makes the enemies feel that he is hiding in that place and under the eyes of enemies SAM will move out quickly. It is like creating a hallucination of SAM persona.

Under Co-operative mode you can take other players with you as hostage in the game. And in the same time you have the right to neutralize them has players so that the hostages will turn to soldier and start killing with you. Other than this one more new feature is added in the game. This new features is interrogation. You can beat the information out of the enemy. Here you can interrogate with the victim and on the same hand use the lying objects to make him speak. This makes the scene more real. You can then also plot key points on the map located on the wall in the planning area. All in all Ubisoft has successful in creating a new environment for FPS Shooting adventure game where you are a real hero.

Under Multiplayer mode you can see split screens. This helps you keep a track on your friend’s movements. By this your screen will be divided to four screens and you can view then at a single point. This same has made the game much more interesting. There is lots of improvement in the multiplayer mode. It is also possible to play levels with bots by creating your own team.

Game Story :

The game begins with an event which begins from the first Splinter Cell Series : Double Agent. The game begins with tracking a secret meeting of hit men belonging to Third Echelon. Sam a remote person is contacted thus to look back in the matter with his colleague Anna Grimsdottir. This entire event takes place in the market area of Valetta, Malta. In interrogation Sam came to know from Dimitri Gramkos that there is something strange going on. Dimitri Gramkos is the head of the group which was led by Andry Kobin before. Andry Kobin is responsible for Sam’s daughter Sarah’s murder. So here Dimitri Gramkos is an important aspect. Sam then enters Kobin’s Mansion and interrogates him. In interrogation he found that there is something really big plotting going on which is a national threat. This is much higher alert situation as compare to his daughter’s murder. Sam is later on arrested by the Agents of Third Echelon where Grim interrogates him in Virginia. Grim ask for Sam’s help for further investigation and the story from here begins.

Walkthrough :

In the whole series of game Sam Fisher acts as the major player. You will be playing the role of Sam Fisher. The new Splinter Cell : Conviction series offers you better controls and action gameplay. This guide is here quiet useful for passing on each level with ease.

Game Characters :

In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction each game character carries a handgun and a secondary weapon like pistol, rifle, etc. In the single player mode, the gadgets are used by Sam usually depends on the mode of scenes in the game. While in other scene you will usually have two types of gadgets. This is the new additions of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction.

I will recommend you to play the game in the story mode to gain some additional arms. You can earn PEC points by finishing the PEC challenge. These points will help you to earn more weapons. You will have to earn 26900 PEC points out of 38000 PEC points to gain all upgrades, camouflage and uniforms.

There are around five main players in the game. They are :

1. Sam Fisher :

SAM FISHER is a government agent who before use to work for Third Echelon. He had done too many Safire for his work. An unknown drunker driver killed his daughter Sarah which was the only way of living for Sam. She is the only treasure of life that Sam has had. And now that too is taken from him. For years Sam is chasing the murderer and found himself involved in a terrorist activity against nation.

Key Field operators

2. Anna Grimsdottir:

Sam’s old partner once and now the new director of Third Echelon. Working very close with Tom Reed the new director of Echelon. She is very effective and ruthless.

3. Tom Reed:

Tom Reed is the new head of Third Echelon. He has only one idea about Echelon. That is it is built to protect U.S. Very energetic and efficient.

4.Voron Agent Kestrel

Lived in a brutal atmosphere in Russian army, arrested at the age of 18 and then turned over the army of conscription. He is in charge of a unit to track down and neutralize Chechen Guerrillas and Wahhabis fishers in Germany the Chechen capital.

5.Splinter Cell Agent Archer:

A very efficient and intelligent soldier. He has done a great job for dozens of terrors plotting and prevents bad conditions. An expert and highly professional player.

Weapons in the game :

In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction you will get some various new weapons along with the traditional one. Here is a small list of the same.

  1. Hand guns : This part includes MK23, MP-446, Desert Eagle, P228, 5-7 & USP.45.
  2. Machine Pistols : This part includes Skorpion & SR-2M .
  3. Submachine guns : MP5-N, MP5-SD3, AKS-74 & UMP-45
  4. Assault Rifles : AK-47, M468, G36C & SC3000
  5. Shotguns : M-500
  6. Gadgets : Frag Grenade, Remote Mine, EMP Grenade, Flash bang, Portable EMP Device & Camera.
  7. Uniforms

Game Controls for Xbox 360 and PlayStation :

  1. Press Left stick for Navigation
  2. Press Right stick for Camera
  3. Press LB for Crouch
  4. Press LT for Cover
  5. Press A for Action
  6. Press RT for fire
  7. Press Left stick for Reload
  8. Press X for Gadget
  9. Press right stick for Zoom
  10. Press RB for marking target
  11. Press V for execute
  12. Press B for hand attack
  13. Press D down pad for weapon change
  14. Press D left and right for gadget change
  15. Press D up pad for Sonar Goggle
  16. Press Back for objective.
  17. Press Start for system.

In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction game series the player controls and the game modes are assigned differently as compare to the older version of the game. Here you get more aggressive gameplay which offers you fast control and action. It is all about running around and killing enemies. There are various modes offered in the game.

Different Game Modes :

Single Story Mode offers you a single gameplay.

Co-operative Story mode offers you agent Archer and Kestrel to have an excellent action adventure game battle. The two players took place in very shortly after the story of Sam.

Hunter mode offers you some easy enemy kills. You can perform a target practice here. Here you will use the level of co-operative modes with some more additional levels. It comes in the single player version.

Last Stand mode offers you direct battle gameplay. Here you can kill the enemies as soon as possible to be the last one standing.

Face off mode offers you battle between Archer and Kestrel agents. You can be any part of both and perform kills.

Guide :

Level 1 – Merchant’s Street Market.

The single player mode game begins with this first scene. In this scene Sam is with Anna Grimsdottir at a café. Anna is here with Sam for some reason. At the starting level of the game you will find some tutorial which will provide you some basic control information. For beginners it is recommended to follow the tutorial. You will see the scene in a small marketplace where you are there to stop the bad guys. Here you have to shoot and kill. The scene offers you continuous shooting and attack. The main skill works here. This is a free skill which let you to have control as you kill enemies. Keep following the wave points properly.

In the end just follow the last enemy to the restroom. Here you have to get all the information out of him. You can use nearby objects.

Level 2 – Kobin’s Mansion

The only ways to keep moving is to follow the way point and keep on killing the enemies on the way. This new level introduces more weapons collection ad new effects. You will get green colour supply boxes. Collect them and you can use them for upgrading your ammunition and also for choosing different weapons. So you stay loaded every time. To get more arms keep on playing and killing enemies.

In the end you will see a room where you have to kill all the guards first. Then you have to grab Mr Kobin in the is at room and interrogate him. He will open fire on you so be aware a bit. Take out information from him.

Level 3 – Rice Airfield

Sam’s reaches to an airfield by a Black Arrow PMC. Here our hero plans to run away from Anna’s hand. Both plan creates a scene where Sam’s will punch on Anna’s face and create a scene of hit and run which is supported by Anna. Anna offers Sam some basic arms and some equipment’s. Sam also takes Anna’s sport care for fast moving.

Keep following the track to the keep your car on the road. You will then enter to an area where you can see a helicopter. Hide yourself near the side pad were you can see a level flip and enter the barrack. Get outside the first door and then enter the security gate and the move forward.

Level 4 – Diwaniya Iraq

This is the first time in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction game series, were Sam needs help of a other agent. Here you get a chance to play with a completely new game characters. This is new character is Victor Coste. He is here to save Sam, who is captured by the enemy soldiers. This is an awesome action seen where Victor Coste is the actual hero and you will he playing his role. Maintain proper hide from enemies and also safe distance.

Move down to the highway, you will acme across a divested place of building destroyed in wars and school grounds. At the end you will see a room which let you to reach Sam’s location. Just kill the enemies first from Windows and then enter. In sudden attack blow down the some bombs and then attack again.

Level 5 – Washington Monument

Into his level Sam and Coste meets at a rock hard place of monument located in the Washington town. Into hits he first task for you is have to kill first 3 black suited guards which have X mark on them. You can detect them easily between civilians and shoot them. So here Sam must walk by the shadowy areas. You can grab them kill them and hide their bodies. Sam has to interrogate the last agent and get the information out of hi.

Beware the bodies must not be noticed by other guards. Then enter the office room in the Washington Monument. Here Victor Coste will give you some silence head gun, remote mines and a EMP device. The last gadget which Victor gives you is a portable EMP device which is more like an walking EMP grenade. This will also help you to disable light for some time and then you attack the enemies by shocking them suddenly. After finishing all work some has to run back to his car and then get out of the front gate. Try to use the low passage way which lies under the far ground booths. Use the gadgets against the enemies.

Level 6 – White Laboratory

The White Box is located in the large building made up of brick which his equipped with some newest security technology. There is some secret material which is being transported from here. Sam has to enter the building and then find out the secret. You can then enter the building but secretly from the parking lot. Form he parking lot climb on any side of building by the pipe. You can use the front wall for that. Find a higher place here and look for pipes which will help you to reach the maintenance area and then you can back head to the security room. You can then press D to look through the camera and spot the enemies. You can then sport the underground work garage where you can see some more guards and some scientist working.

Pass out fast to the security room to the lab and first shoot the guards. After that you can interrogate the scientist who will show you the elevator. Go up to the office and on the same time beware of sudden attack. At the top floor you will find Robertson’s office. In Robertson’s office sus eth console to hack and at the same time keep an eye on the upcoming guards. After that you can see a door at the lower side of the that which will take you down to the lab. Search for pipe and get down again.

When you return from the label you will encounter more enemies. Keep shooting them and kill them. Robertson is in the security room. Look from the windows and then quickly enter the console detonate the EMP war heads, which will blow up Robertson’s Ass. Watch out for more enemies and then reach back to the parking lot.

Level 7 – Lincoln Memorial

In this level your primary objects tis to record a secret meeting between Reed and Galliard. Reed is the corrupt Echelon director and Gillard is the owner of White box and Black Arrow. They are planning something dangerous here. As the level being go up to the control booth and then use the console there. You can then see the area by pressing D pad to zoom on the entire location. There you can see 2 guards. Shoot them. Now in the mansion a person with blue dress is Galliard and the other one is Reed. They will take with each other and walk by. Keep the camera on and be sure that his conversation is clear. Reed will be let the scene and to distract Galliard, Anna will call him. Go behind him slow and then grab him. Start interrogating him. AS you will talk to Galliard a murderer will come suddenly and he will kill Galliard and run way. Follow the murderer. You will encounter more guards in between. Keep chasing the murdered and at the end you will reach a car which park on the road. The chase will end here.

Here you have to deal with more emirs coming towards you . you can then hide in the café near the road. In this you can hide and kill the enemies. A car wills each soon near the café, catch it.

Level 8 – Third Echelon HQ

From the garage, move to the electrical maintenance room and then enter an elevator. It is located in the centre roof the garage. You can then shoot the light here but don’t shoot the camera or else it will raise an alarm. Look for a side exist from the maintenance room. Same have to kill the guard to get the key card for elevator. Don’t forget to hide the bodies here, otherwise other guards will spot it and you will be in trouble. After this you will have to bypass various security gates. First enter the office desk as a visitor. You can then kill or simply avoid enemes to the server room. In the server room Dr. Fryman will give you Sonar Goggle. This Sonar Goggle will help you to see across walls and hidden laser beams.

By this sonar walls you can then easily track the enemies behind the wall sand stairs. Then you have to reach Reed’s office. Use the Sonar Goggle to see the beams in the way. Avoid them. On the second floor you have to grab Kobin. On the second floor you will have to deal with more guards. You will have to note down one thing here is that the enemas are too equipped with Sonar Goggle. So if you try to hide you can be easily spotted. You have to act smart now here.

One you reach Reed’s office on your part and then go to Grimsdottir office. There are laser beams in the middle. You will then reach to a planning area. Go to the second floor and from the corridor move to the room at the end you can see GRimsdottir office. Enter the room, kill guard, collect stuff and then go back to the reception desk. Keep pressing the execute butt onto kill guards instantly.

Level 9 – Michigan Ave. Reservoir

Her you have to stop a bomb. First kill the first group of emeries and move towards the offices that are at the backside. Then interrogate them and find information from them. Now follow the way point and then look for pipe to climb. You will see some enemies in the last chamber. Here you will have to rescue a scientist. She is the same scientist which you have met in the White box. The scientist will then tell you about the generator trigger. Listener to her and then move to the corridor.

Here you will get more enemies. Use sniper here or throw bombs on them. You will then sport a guy controlling the minimum sitting behind a computer. You can see the first generator in the tower type building. Move to it and tag them. Then kill some more guards and get out in the exteriors flied. Her you will be attacked by a helicopter. Over yourself and theme. You can then located the second generator in the two type building and then tag it. Follow the way point.

Level 10 – Downtown District

Sam losses his EMP in the attack on previous level. But on the same hand he will also get some more new gadgets. Now move to the lobby of movie threaten and then kill some more nemesis there. Get on the streets and then walk around you will encounter more guards here. You can see a fence in the end where there are some guards and civilians. You scatter the civilians by killing the guards. Now walk down to the road which goes directly to the White House.

Here you will need to detune the big red truck standing on the front gate and filled with fuel. By blowing that out you will get a passage to the area. Anna will tell you that front doors are locked. So just stand at the side of the door in the runt of the garden.

Level 11 – The White House

In White house you will come across the politics garbage. Reed here teams up with President Samson to put down the current President Glad well. Your first task is to capture Samson here. Kill some enemies in the ways and then enter the ballroom. In the ball room you will see Samson sitting there. Kill the guards around his and then catch him. Yoyo can then interrogate him. Beware about the coming attack. To save yourself you can move toward the stage and climb the pipes or lease move to the old location and plant mines.

Now enter the new doorway and there the Splinter Cell guards with Sonar Goggle are waiting for you. Just follow the waypoint andhtne mark and kill the guards. Now you will have to move to the next hall where more enemies are awaiting. Run covering yourself from splinter cell guard. They will charge on you. After the battle collect a minigun operation and then move to the office where more guards are available. In the pressroom the guards has kept President Caldwell as hostage and Reed is also there.

Anna and you plan a way out. Anna will take you inside as you are caught and then you will get the chance to set him quads location. Look the guards and mark them. Then kill them all and grab Reed.

Here you have two choices. Either leave Reed or kill him. Both choices have some hidden achievements.