Tom Clancy’s The Division Guide: How To Get Fast Dark Zone Credits

 Tom Clancy’s The Division Guide: How To Get Fast Dark Zone Credits

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The Division has two currencies: one you can use during the PVE sections, one you will have a chance to spend in the Dark Zone. Dark Zone credits are much tougher to gain as they grant access to better and rarer loot at specific safe houses or at the gates that separate the Dark Zone from “regular” Manhattan. Here you have our tips to get the Dark Zone credits faster than light.

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You can farm NPC spawns. Of course you don’t have to constantly face high level enemies, as things gets harder with them especially if you play on solo; it will be enough for you to just face a good number of enemies per sessions, in this case it’s a matter of quantity over quality. One tip we have for you is extract as soon as you can, and you will see enemies popping out from the nowhere for you to beat… releasing the precious Dark Zone points.

After this mandatory phase you will also be skilled enough to open chests. In order to open chests, you will first need to search and find for named enemies around the map and clear their areas. Once done, you will still need to get Dark Zone keys to open those chests (if you played the beta you should already have a couple of them).

Play as safe as possible while you are in the Dark Zone. Die will make you lose your Dark Zone rank, keys and points if you have. It’s clear at this point that you must not die, especially after you complete a good number of killings – it’s better for you to take a break or go and invest the points you earned.

Another good option is going rogue. Of course, once you go rogue you have an authorization to go and kill Division agents, grab their loot and Dark Zone points. You will also be awarded a lot of cash in case you stay alive until rogue level 5, which means you will need to kill a lot of agents and be quick – otherwise you will be dead by the hands of everyone playing in your server.

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