Tomb Raider Legend PS3 trophies

Back when Tomb Raider Legend was launched, it was available for all platforms except PS3. This week Tomb Raider Legend will finally launch on Playstation 3 along with bulk of new trophies to unlock.

Tomb Raider Legend

Tomb Raider Legend features 1 Platinum, 15 Bronze, 14 Silver, 3 Gold and 7 Hidden (not anymore). We have listed below details of each and every trophies in Tomb Raider Legend below along with tips and tricks to achieve it.


Master of Tomb Raider: Legend
Earn all the trophies in Tomb Raider: Legend.


Most Rewarding

Collect a reward.

Style Points

Kill an enemy by detonating a fuel tank.

Bronze In Pocket

Collect 5 common bronze rewards.

The Professional

Complete the Bolivian temple without dying.


Kick the soccer ball against the door of the church in Peru.

Kill (With) Your Television

Kill an enemy with a TV monitor.

Shoot out the 4 flood lights in the water wheel room in level 4.

Go for the Gold
Collect 1 gold reward.

A Bigger Bang
Kill 2 enemies by detonating a fuel tank.

Superior Firepower
Complete Level 3 without using the dual pistols.

Biggest Bang for the Buck
Blow up 2 mercinaries with 1 propane tank while riding the motorcycle.

Just Dandy in the Andes
Complete the level ‘Bolivia- Tiwanaku’

Box Cutter

Destroy 10 boxes while on the motorcycle in Peru.

Bronze Age Warrior
Collect 35 common bronze rewards.

Queen of the Bronze Age
Collect 60 common bronze rewards.


Double Style Points
Kill 2 enemies during the same Aerial Attack

5 Golden Things
Collect 5 rare gold rewards.

30 Pieces of Silver

Collect 30 precious silver rewards.

Copper and Tin for the Win
Collect all bronze rewards.

You Wear It Well
Unlock all the outfits.

Good Time in Level 1
Complete the first level while in Time Trial mode.

Good Time in Level 2
Complete the second level while in Time Trial mode.

Good Time in Level 3
Complete the third level while in Time Trial mode.

Good Time in Level 4
Complete the fourth level while in Time Trial mode.

Good Time in Level 5
Complete the fifth level while in Time Trial mode.

Good Time in Level 6
Complete the sixth level while in Time Trial mode.

Good Time in Level 7

Complete the seventh level while in Time Trial mode.

You Got the Silver
Collect all silver rewards.

A Job Well Done
Complete the game on Explorer or Adventurer difficulty.


The Hard Way
Complete the game on Tomb Raider difficulty.

Gold Hoarder
Collect all gold rewards.

Have a Good Time All the Time
Complete all levels while in Time Trial mode.


Back in the Day

Complete the level ‘Peru- Return to Paraiso.’

Thank you, Tokyo. Goodnight!
Complete the level ‘Tokyo- Meeting with Takamoto.’

This is Ghana Be Good
Complete the level ‘Ghana- Pursuing James Rutland.’

Great Briton
Complete the level ‘ England- King Arthur’s Tomb?’

The Cold War Kid
Complete the level ‘Nepal- The Ghalai Key.’

Survival of the Fittest
Survive against Rutland for more than 5 minutes.

History Buff

Listen to the tale of King Arthur.