Top 6 Ways To Earn Money Fast In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

 Top 6 Ways To Earn Money Fast In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Money can make you happy, no matter what people say. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is surely not an exception, and this is why we want to reveal you six ways you can earn money fast in the latest Ubisoft action-adventure game… just make you happier. Those are all “legal”, so you don’t have nothing to worry about.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Money Making Guide

1: There are a few skills you can use to improve the rate of your income and vary it. Those are Loot Takedown from the Stealth skill tree, which automatically get loots from dead enemies, but also Scavenger I and Scavenger II improve the amount of stuff you can get from chests.

2: Unlock the Associate Ned Wynert and participate to Boat Raids and Smuggler Boats down the Thames. You can easily unlock 10-30k every 15 minutes or so, and you can even use those means to fast travel to the following location. Such a great thing to try… and it’s also really fun.

3: Find a good treasure map on the Internet and avoid spending real in-game money for it, then search for precious treasures spread across Syndicate’s Victorian London. This is actually the best way to gain without facing tough challenges, but you could take a while trying to find them all.

4: Your gang is not limited to provide you help in combats, it’s also a good mean which you can use to get more money into your pocket. Of course, you’ll need to select a few skills they can use in order to be as productive as possible. Those are Black Market Affiliation, Black Market Ties and City Takeover from the Swindler tree. By doing this you will save a lot of money and ammo. Then, choose Ale Heist, Shell Company and Rate of Income, so you can increase the amount of money coming from the other abilities. Finally, get Pub Games, Bookmaker, Pub Investor, Tea Magnate and Shop Investor so you can be sure you always have an injection of cash.

5: Fight club are also a great tool for you to improve your flow of incoming cash. Meet Robert Topping while progressing through the story mode, he is the one running the fight clubs in the City, and you will unlock all the clubs spread over London after completing a task for him. The higher is the level of a zone, the higher is the income you have by participating to the fight club. The best is in Westminster, where you can get up to £6000 and 2000 XP points.

6: Don’t invest your money at shops until you unlock your own train after completing the Whitechapel zone. Then, on your train’s cart at the very back you will find a black market shop, where you can get ammo, weapons and maps really cheaper than you would do at a legal store.