Top 7 Easter Eggs in Far Cry Primal Location Guide

 Top 7 Easter Eggs in Far Cry Primal Location Guide

Far Cry Primal is a survival open world video game and just like other open world games Primal has to share Easter eggs is the Stone Age as well. So we decided to locate for top 7 Easter Eggs and show it all the Far Cry Fans out there. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Easter Eggs and their location where to find them.

Easter Eggs in Far Cry Primal

Top 7 Easter Eggs in Far Cry Primal

The Flintstone’s Car Easter Egg

We are in Stone Age so it’s obvious that we will find some reference to Flintstones, but, unfortunately, no sign of the Family out there. What we see at the location is the Flintstone’s family car and that too under water. To locate you must head east to the edge and you will find a lake, check the map location below if you have any doubts. Once you get near the location just dive into the lake and the first thing you see is the Flintstone’s car.

far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-1.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-2.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-3.jpg

Assassin’s Creed Stunt(Leap of Faith) Easter Egg

Far Cry Primal try to reference the Assassin’s Creed Series again by Ubisoft which is a Stunt we perform in Assassin’s Creed called Leap of Faith. Assassin climbs high on top of the building and then jump into a haystack in the game and the same is done in Far Cry Primal. In one os the mission ‘Fly Like Bird’ where one of the main characters tries to jump from the mountain into the haystack. Here is the video from the mission.

far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-4.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-5.jpg

Assassin’s Creed Logo Easter Egg

Just like the Stunt promotion of Assassin’s Creed in on Far Cry Primal, there is another place where you will find actual Assassin’s Creed Logo on the Map itself. Here is a small proof of what we are talking about. Open Your map and locate it by yourself it is an easy one.

far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-6.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-7.jpg

Ubisoft’s Logo Easter Egg

Ubisoft the developers of Far Cry Series planned to refer their own company logo as an Easter egg in the game. The location of the Easter egg is in the Chishta Cave which is to the south of the Map. Once you get inside the cave you need to burn the bark on your right and then walk forward until you climb on of the wall then use your Grappling claw to get down then again climb the wall and forward to get down to a stone with the cave painting.

far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-15.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-16.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-17.jpg

Blood Dragon Easter Egg

This Easter Egg is a reference to Far Cry spin-off game called the Far Cry Blood Dragon and you can actually locate the Blood Dragon inside on of the Cave. You must head towards the marked location(image below) on top of the map and once you get there you must head up and get inside the cave. You will find the Blood Dragon resting in the Middle of the Cave.

far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-8.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-9.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-10.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-11.jpg

Stonehenge Easter Egg

Stonehenge is a massive prehistoric man-made a stone structure that is located in England and if we are not wrong it is also famous for performing rituals. In Far Cry Primal you will find this place in the east if you have already located it then it will highlight as a Blajiman Stones and if not then it will come as question Mark(yet to discover). You will be here to perform one of the rituals in Mission.

far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-12.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-13.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-14.jpg

Metal Gear Solid Easter Egg

After you progress the game you will be asked to locate and bring the Key Characters to your Village. One of them is Karoosh who is a Wenja Warrior, you will find him early in the mission ‘Brother in Need’ check the Map below. You will see the Warrior look as the clone to the Big Boss(Snake) as he has One Eye, Short Black Beard and a bandana and the main feature is that he also carries the corpse over his shoulder.

far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-19.jpg far-cry-primal-easter-eggs-location-20.jpg

These were the Top 7 Easter Eggs in Far Cry Primal if you have anything to share about Easter Eggs then feel free to shoot them below in the comments section. Also, have a look at our Far Cry Primal Wiki Page for Guide, Walkthrough, and Collectibles.