Top 8 Tips and Tricks For MGS V: Metal Gear Online

 Top 8 Tips and Tricks For MGS V: Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Online is included with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and is now available to all the Phantom Pain owners. All those how are new to the Metal Gear Online series, here are the Top 8 Tips and Tricks you need to know. This will always help you with the game mechanics and How to score easy Bounty in Metal Gear Online.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Online

With the Success of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima has now launched the Metal Gear Online 3 on October 6th for consoles and January 2016 for the PC. Metal Gear 3 Supports 16 Player online battle for PS4 and Xbox One Holders whereas 12 Player online battle for PS3 and Xbox 360. The game mechanics is pretty similar to the Phantom Pain.

8 Best Tips and Tricks for Metal Gear Online 3

Use of Wormhole: Power of Friendship:

In Metal Gear Online, If you stay with your friend for a good amount of time in the same area then you can instantly use the wormhole to teleport/respawn next to them if you die.

Weight Issue:

The Weight You carry adds a drawback when you play on the field. The More weight you carry the more slowly you move. So if Possible Try to remove the unwanted stuff unless you’re really planning to use it.


Attachments are an advantage to your weapons. You can now customize you weapon in your loadout at any level. For example yo can use the Flashlight to Blind enemies at close range also you can include the dot sight.

Saving your GP:

The GP you earn is very important so I recommend not to waste the GP on the fancy stuff from the start. Instead, use them on Weapon Upgrades to help you in the battle. Even for your minor cosmetic changes will cost you GP so Better start saving it and use it wisely.

The Real Fultoning Power:

The Enemy you Fulton during the Bounty Hunter Mode not only gives you the tickets of that enemy but also add them to your Team’s Tickets. IT gives your team a tremendous amount of boost. Keep playing Phantom Pain and max you the ability of fultoning the enemies from the back, as this helps really help you in Online Field.

Camera Adjustment:

If you know how to manipulate the camera angles then nothing more is a need to understand the enemies gameplay. Moving Cover to Cover and see around will help you with you next move. When tucked behind the corner, push it far out the corner as you can to see who is approaching. The Third person shoots thus helps you with a better edge with the camera.

Beneficial Information:

If you Know, you have the Big Boss’s Skills of Interrogation which can be used in the Online Field. Whenever you encounter an enemy, instead of killing them you should interrogate them to know their team’s strategy and learn more about the current field. After the Interrogation simply Fulton them or knock them out. This information is very helpful when you’re low in tickets.

Noise Management:

Metal Gear Solid Game Mechanics has always Majorly supported the Stealth Mode. So Carrying heavy weapons, moving fast(running) can always be audible to the nearby players. Make sure the choice of weapon you choose and your movement speed are low enough and are less audible.

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