Top 8 Tips and Tricks To Make Fallout Shelter A Life or Death Struggle For Vault Existence

If you have already crossed it to 200 then you must check this guide to know what all you have missed and how you can change the gameplay like never before. This Tips and Tricks will turn your gameplay and making it much more of a life or death struggle for Vault existence, But it’s probably wise to just restart your vault. To change the planning of your vault.

Fallout Shelter

So from the Beginning of your new Vault keep maintaining a structure of Leadership with the dwellers as they are the Veterans and governing Vault body. Now take a gander at them and make them who they will become, make sure you rename them accordingly like for example someone with high INT to start should be the leader. you can differentiate as per your choice.

Here are the Best Tips and Tricks for Fallout Shelter

  • If Someone stats is under 3 it doesn’t really matter or you cannot train someone to be smart or someone to be strong, you should give them basic training. The only skills you can train to get better is luck cause that’s just the way it works.
  • Must Assign workers base on their personality and clothing? Avoid assigning a girl in a nightgown to work in the Power Plant. Nightgowns are for Living Quarters military fatigues are for fighters, handyman clothes are for the handy and lab coats are for the nerds. The leader must wear the Kings or Mayors outfit when they are available. For other, they must wear the standard issue vault outfit.
  • You cannot retrieve the gear once the dweller is dead. So if someone dies he is dead along with the gear.
  • Make Sure only Veterans, Soldiers, and Vault guards should carry guns inside the Vault. So you need to Plan accordingly.
  • Someone who is on a Coffee Break and shirking responsibility must be exiled to the Wasteland. Exiled dwellers must be given 5 Med-Packs, 2 Radaway and weapon as well.
  • Breeding is must to ensure that society runs and for every successful breed, you must breed with someone whose stats are similar. Note: Smart people will not breed with strong people and vice versa.
  • Building and upgrading must be running, but if you are building a new portion, then you must immediately assign someone to that room. If you do not have someone strong enough(3+) for that room then avoid building it.
  • Legendary people are those who come in and battle for leadership of the group. If a Legendary child is born or it shows up through cards and if the stats are higher than the current leader at the time then that person becomes the new leader and the fallen leader is banished to the wasteland. The dwellers must be given rations. If they successfully survive for 1D, they can return to the group as a worker.

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