Toy Soldiers: War Chest Tips and Tricks for beginners

The Toy Soldiers continues its series with its latest launch the Toy Soldiers: War Chest on Xbox 360, but now more players can join the fray as it is now available on various platforms through Ubisoft. If you are the beginner to the Toy Soldiers series then this guide will help you with different strategies and tips you need during the start.

In Toy Soldiers: War Chest you job is to take down the enemies who try to invade in your area. You can do it by placing a good defense in places you think the battle will take place. The below tips will help you with the dos and dont’s on the battlefield.

How to set up a Good Defense in Toy Soldiers: War Chest?

You should know how to balance your troops on every side of your base. Lay down the current defense tools especially the cannons and turrets. At the starting position, the key spots which are shown on the map are the prime spots where the waves of the enemies will start invading. On these spots place, you defense very well as these are the final defense.

Start with a couple of turrets as they are very effective with the ground troops. And as you go ahead place some cannons to cover the firepower for the small and big enemies. Cover the ground defense maximum possible as the enemies can invade from any direction. On the other end you should not have it an open invitation for the enemies so do place some cannons and move some of the defense there as well(You should have your field cover on every side on every aspect).

Try to get a hop into a turret or cannon on any point of time and have some fun, as the game is very interactive and allows you to shoot the soldiers when you want them to. If you see that enemies are invading on a certain part of the map then this s the best time to clear them out.

Always be Upgraded:

The one of the best features of the Toy Soldiers: War Chest is you can upgrade your defense instead of replacing them. You need the cash which you earn after defeating the enemies.To upgrade your defense, select any defense structure(turret, cannon or station) and select it from the main menu while some are a bit more time consuming. Once you upgrade you will easily notice the difference between the firing and Armour of the defense station.

Attack with multiple Army:

In Toy Soldiers: War Chest you have to select one of the four factions which will be right for you. The four factions are the military Kaiser class, the girlie toy Star bright, the fantasy-oriented Dark Side and the sci-fi based Phantom which offers various different specialty like the weapons, aerial and land vehicles.

The traditional players of the Toy Soldiers will stick to the Kaiser Class as they were also in the part of the previous series. If you buy the Hall of Fame Edition of the Toy Soldiers: War Chest then you gain access to the new players like G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Cobra and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. All of these players can use their power as well for example He-Man can call the flying orkos in the battlefield.

You can try all the team and check which one suits you best and every team has something best to offer. No matter which team you choose, don’t forget to upgrade and adjust the new style of play which will unlock the new potential to have a good fight on your hands.