Transformers Devastation How to Built the Best Weapon

There are a large number of Unique Weapons in Transformers Devastation with different rank/level. Sometimes it’s hard to decide which weapon works best and useful to defeat the enemies. To solve such FAQ here, we have the Transformers Devastation to show you which weapons are best to deal with and better stats.

Transformers Devastation

As you progress in the game, you’ll notice that the weapons you are using can have the feature to add additional Weapon Synthesis to make it more complex and enjoyable. So your best weapon can be changed into the ultimate weapons with this synthesis ability, but make sure you use it wisely and not upgrade any weapon to make it powerful. Check below on how to and which weapon are capable of handling this synthesis power.

Obtaining Weapons:

When you start playing the Story Missions you’ll start obtaining the weapons when your playing in the Challenge Mode. Take the Challenge Mode as your training room and keep on challenging to improve your performance and keep obtaining new weapons. To use the weapon synthesis, you should have at least 2 weapons which are not used by any other Autobots.


You need Credits to perform the weapon synthesis. To Earn more Credits, you need to keep on Smashing the enemies, destroy cars and complete the objective on time. Any Object you see that can be Destroyed or break, you should do it as both the credits and Energon Cubes can be found in that breakable objects.

Base Weapon:

To start with the Weapon Synthesis, you should have a base weapon(First Weapon) to set the base. This weapon is the weapon you want to increase/upgrade the power of it. The Credits expense will increase on the level of the weapon you choose, so higher the level of this weapon, the more expensive the synthesis will be.

Parts Weapon:

The part weapon is none other than the weapon which you’re going to use up during the weapon synthesis. So if you want to use a weapon that can help you upgrade the other weapon then do not avoid losing it during the weapon synthesis process the weapon will be destroyed.

Skills and Slots:

In order to make the skills works after the weapon, synthesis is done you need to make sure that the base weapon need to have open skills slots to transfer the skills of the parts weapon successfully. if no Skills slots open then no transfer will take place instead it will be a waste of a good weapon.

To know the skill slots you need to look at the horizontal line in the middle of it if it’s one, then no skills will transfer over. Weapons with same skill level can have a perfect weapon synthesis. It’s good to check the skills slots every time before you move on with the synthesis process.

Weapon level and Rank:

The Weapon Level and Rank are also another major factors for the Weapon Synthesis. As we mentioned earlier, the higher the rank of the weapon the higher will be the cost for the synthesis. Sometimes after the weapons synthesis is done only the level of the weapon is increased but the stats remain unchanged. The categories that are highlighted in yellow will be an indication to increase a particular stat like Energy, Shot Speed, Recoil, and Range.

Character Availability

The Most Interesting and useful part is to see which of the character can actually make use of this weapon to max. While Performing the weapon synthesis, you must always keep in mind which character is going to use this weapon as not every character is feasible with every weapon. The weapons which other characters have and no longer used that weapons can be used as the part weapon synthesis.