Transformers Devastation Top Tips and Tricks Combos, Aiming Credits and Many More

Transformers Devastation is an action hack and slash video game by Activation. You can control one of the five Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock. To Survive the enemy waves here, we have the Best Tips and Tricks Combos, Aiming, Credits and Energon Cubes in this Transformers Devastation Guide.

Transformers Devastation

Transformers Devastation looks very similar to the original Cartoon series of Transformers. The Difficulties gets higher as you progress in the game. To Survive such difficult waves, you need to follow the following tips and tricks.

Energon Cubes and Credits:

To Earn more Credits and Energon Cubes you need to keep on Smashing the enemies, destroy cars and complete the objective on time. Any Object you see that can be Destroyed or break, you should do it as both the credits and Energon Cubes can be found in that breakable objects.


The Melee and the Ranged weapons play very important role to take down enemies which are on the ground and which are flying above. The in-game feature of auto-aiming does not actually aim properly also, some weapons with recoil effect will compromise auto-aims. So we recommend to use the manual aiming and if you still want to use the auto-aiming then we suggest to keep a good hands on L1 or L2 to constantly re-center you reticule with ranged weapons.

Hidden Items:

You should always keep an eye on the Hovering switches which can reveal an item cache or lead you to another switch. To hit these hidden items, you need to be quick enough as you hit one switch then immediately look for another one and tag it. If you are slow then the chain will be automatically reset and you’ve to start over again. We suggest using the ranged weapons here as you won’t be able to close the gap between the next hit. The melee weapons are not good enough to hit it before the reset so make sure you avoid those.


Combos are very useful when you need to dodge or counter the enemies attacks. The Combos list is given in the Pause Menu, but it’s good to remember all the combos by yourself and ready to use. Whenever you see the Flash on you which indicates that your are been attacked, now it’s your call to execute combos that end in a vehicle or it doesn’t end in a vehicle.

The vehicle attack combos are useful but have a very short duration. Once you are into animation(Pressing R1 or RB) for vehicle combo attack then you have to wait until it gets over. So it will be good if you wait for the enemies move and you dodge them and then execute your combo.

Repair Kit:

Repair Kits should only be used when your damage is critical or low. ut, be quick with the repair kit, once the character goes into the death animation scene do not use it as it will be a complete waste and you character any which ways will die. So Keep checking your health bar and avoid end moments using the Repair Kits.

Playable Characters:

The Game starts with Optimus Prime and you are unable to switch to another character. After you progress in the game a little further then you are able to select any Autobots you would like to start the mission. Every Autobots Character has their own unique abilities. So try them all and Select which fighting style suits you. My personal favorite is Bumblebee.