Triangle Codes Location – Deus EX Mankind Divided Collectible Guide

Deus Ex Mankind Divided features four different kinds of collectibles and Triangle Codes is one of them. Square Unix Triangle Codes are QR codes which need to be find and scanned with Deus Ex Universe App to reveal what’s behind the content. These Triangle Codes are hard to find, but this guide will show you all the location where to find and scan the Codes.

Triangle Codes Location

Triangle Codes Location

In your smartphone download the ‘Deus Ex Universe’ App(iPhone/Android) to scan the triangle codes. Whenever you encounter these Triangle Codes try to scan it with your Phone. It might not work for the first time, but keep trying until it scans and gives you the rewards like – Hi-Res Screenshots, concept art and more. So here are the locations we have found so far in Mankind Divided.


Triangle Code 1

In your very first Mission – Black Market Buy, after landing on the rooftop, you’ll jump down the first ledge and come across a large fan. There you will find a grate which has the First Triangle Code.

Triangle Code 2

After taking the elevator down head towards the right wall. Keep moving until you get down some stairs and a boxcar with a ladder on the front. Climb the ladder and grab the code from the top of the boxcar.


Triangle Code 3

In the red light district, make your way inside a 2nd-floor apartment across from the Irish Stool pub. Note: Can be done only after main Mission 6

Triangle Code 4

At the Pilgrim Station Metro, check the Server Room(Restricted Area) to get inside the security room with one guard and check the box above the lockers.

Triangle Code 5

At the Pilgrim Station Metro, crack the locked door where it says “Authorized Personnel Only” and grab the Code.

Triangle Code 6

Inside the Monument Metro Station ticket office(Tourist Center)

Triangle Code 7

At the Knoicky & Hracky Store go to the same room where you meet Milena and check underneath the Refrigerator.

Triangle Code 8

Inside the 2nd floor apartment near the security checkpoint(While going to meet Koller for the first time), move the box to reveal the Code.

TF29’s Office

Triangle Code 9

Go outside the Men’s Restroom(Level 1) and start walking behind the LEDs to find the ladder. Get inside the room and first, grab the pocket secretary behind the box then open the safe for the Triangle Code.

Triangle Code 10

During Main Mission 9, while inside the NSN you have to the basement to hack the Server Code and use the Vent. On the other side of the vent, you can grab the Code.

Triangle Code 11

At Ruzika station, check the Main Hall’s upper edges(Use ladder).

Triangle Code 12

Inside your Bedroom, there is hidden stash right next to your bed.

Triangle Code 13

Inside your kitchen area move the Refrigerator to find this Code.

Triangle Code 14

At Koller’s Workshop area which is beneath the Time Machine Bookstore check the secret painting to use the vent then crack the Safe.

Triangle Code 15

From Otar’s sewer-based casino’s Main office, use the vent to find this Code.

Triangle Code 16

At Chikane’s Place interact with the Aeroplane poster, to reveal the secret compartment. Crack open the Weapon Cabinet to grab the code.

Triangle Code 17

During Main Mission 11, check the courtyard storage(Level 1) in the Church of the Machine God. Right next to the yellow Generator from the Entrance.

Triangle Code 18

During main Mission 11, get inside the Church of the Machine God and check apartment 96. Make your way to the second level from the area where all Allison’s followers are standing. Move the Box to find the next Triangle Code.

Triangle Code 19

Inside the Picus Vault.

Triangle Code 20

Inside the Bank head check CEO’s office. Solve the mechanical puzzle to get into the secret area and grab the Code.

Triangle Code 21

While at Libuse Apartment complex, go ahead and check apartment 96. Once you get inside the room use the Smart Vision to locate the Wall clock to reveal the secret door. Inside the Room, duck and move the boxes to find this Code.

Triangle Code 22

During Main Mission 22, once you get inside Millar’s secret office make sure you grab the code.

Triangle Code 23

Inside the attic of the L.I.M.B. Clinic where you meet Alex check the top of the cardboard boxes.

Triangle Code 24

In the Red Light District get inside the Dvali Territory Theater and make your way to Level 4 of the Theater balcony. Hint: make use of the right Stairwell.

Triangle Code 25

In the Red Light District get inside the Dvali Territory Theater and make your way to the dressing room. Get inside the Radich’s office and crack the safe to get the Triangle Code.

Golem City

While in Golem City make sure you get inside teh Room below Gallois’s Office(Level 5 – Utulek Complex)

Triangle Code 27

Inside Talos Rucker’s office, get inside the Evidence room and crack the safe to grab the code.

G.A.R.M. Facility

Triangle Code 28

On your way to Hangar 2 from hanger 1 make sure you check the small pathway very carefully.

Triangle Code 29

Inside Hangar 2, check the extreme right monitoring room. You will find an Archive Box next to the Weapon Cabinet, make sure you move the box and grab the Code.

Triangle Code 30

Inside Hangar 2, check the below the big robot car.


Triangle Code 31

On level 7 of the APEX Centre, make your way to the top of Slater’s Office from the security office. Different Way to Get there make sure you find the right vent.

Triangle Code 32

On level 4 of the APEX Centre, before meeting Miller at the Catering area, do check all the lockers on your right.

Triangle Code 33

On level 5, get inside the meeting room C110 and on your right is the Code.

Triangle Code 34

On level 2, after saving the delegates make sure you check the room.

Triangle Code 35

While fighting Marchenko, climb up to the second level and make your way to the second monitoring room.

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