Trick To Make Gold Fast And Easy in Nioh


In the Nioh, Gold is one of the Currencies, which is used to purchase several items. You can use it at the Blacksmith to Forge, Reforge and Soul Math to make your gears powerful. You can also use it to change the look of your armors. Even so you can collect the Gold in early stage of the game, you can’t spend it for better cause until you progress through the game for a while. The following guide shows how to make Gold fast in the game.

Nioh Gold Tips

How To Make Gold Fast And Easy in Nioh:

In order to make some Gold, you can sell different items to the Blacksmith. Some items can be sold for the best price too but if you are looking to earn more, here is the trick.

When you sell any item, for example if you are planning on selling a sword, you can disassemble the sword so that it would get separated in to different materials, then check the cost of the each Material and if you liked the cost on selling, simply sell the material to earn more Gold.

Check the cost of the materials after you disassemble the item, as sometimes you may earn 3 to 4 times more than the selling it as an item. The Exotic sword that sold for 3000 Gold, on disassembling and selling materials give 10,000 Gold. This is the Simple and best way to make some extra Gold in Nioh.