Tron Evolution Cheats Codes, Tips and Tricks

It’s been a while since Tron Evolution has released. It’s time to share the cheats and tricks we all have discovered in game. We all love extras in game, so use these codes to unlock some extras of the game.

Tron Evolution

So here is some:

Tron Evolution:


Enter the following codes at the cheat menu to get the right effect.

  • C74f395f: Unlock Quorra suit.
  • 25E0DE6B: Unlock the island, the tank and battle map disc.

Unlockable: Insane Mode
You have to complete the game in Hard Mode to unlock the Insane Mode, which is harder than the Hard Mode. You’ll taste more difficulty.

Understanding Derezzing
There are Achievements and Trophies which asks you to perform derezz with bomb, corruption, heavy, or hard of immobilization. Here, type selection is not enough – you have to finish them off with a power move. Derezzing without power move will yield you a plain light disc kill.

Achievement/Trophy: Easy ‘Unstoppable Program’
To unlock Unstoppable Program (Achievement/Trophy) you need to get the maximum hit multiplier (30). Go into a Data Station and fire up a Game Grid Match. Disintegration is the default option with Bots. Let the CPUs gather together as they dont seem to care about you at all. Use the basic X,X,X Combo in a large gathering. Some single throws count as 2 or 3 if you are lucky. Keep going until you hit 30.

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Tron Evolution Battle Grids

Battle Grids is made exclusively for the Wii and Nintendo DS, and its storyline predates that of the other versions.

Codes: Unlock some improvements to your bike using the code. Enter the following codes at the cheat menu to get the right effect and enter the code again to turn off the tricks.

  • Lcsupersharpslide: Sharps the drift of your bike.
  • Lctalltrails: light trails off your bike becomes larger.

If you have discovered more then please share with all in comments.