Trophy List: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Zomboss Down

There are 3 Silver and seven Bronze trophies in the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Zomboss Down DLC. The new DlC has one new map, eight new variants, and three new potted plants Cactus Canyon was the new map of the DLC, it is a Gardens & Graveyards map.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Zomboss Down

Here is the full list of trophies:


  • Garden Gnomer

Win 15v matches on the Gnome Bomb team

  • Heave Ho

Destroy 500 Pirate Zombies

  • The Last Second

Try to Defuse a Gnome Bomb with 3 seconds remaining


  • Ahoy Matey

Call a Barrel Pirate and Map Pirate Zombie in Gardens & Graveyards

  • Defuse the Situation

Defuse 3 Gnome Bombs

  • Drop That Gnome

Kill 10 Enemies while They are Carrying a Gnome Bomb

  • Gnome Bomber

Pick up a Gnome Bomb

  • Hole In One

Put the Golf-Bomb into the Hole in Cactus Canyon

  • Legionnaire of Doom

Grow a Doom-shroom, Bamboo Shoot, Fire Peashooter and Ice Peashooter

  • Running of the Gnomes

Plant 5 Gnome Bombs

“To progress in the game, players must complete challenges unique to each class. These challenges, once completed will rank up the character allowing the player to access unique features regarding that character such as upgrades, new characters, weapon skins and character clothing. The game’s challenge pop-ups closely resemble the notification system used on the Xbox One.”