Ultimate Pawn Guide for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC

 Ultimate Pawn Guide for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC

Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is the most interesting creatures in the game. Pawn is not only the best creature but also your best friend for the whole game(unless you throw him off the cliff). This Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen guide will show you how to create the best Pawn in the game.

Ultimate Pawn Guide

You are allowed to hire up to 2 pawns created by other players with the one you are forced to make at the beginning of the game. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Ultimate Pawn Guide.

How Does Pawn work

Pawn will start learning and mimicking your moves after a certain period. For example you and your pawn bot hare strider then every move you make(climb on certain monsters, use a special kind of arrows)your pawn will do exactly the same, after a while. After your pawn kills few monsters he will start gaining knowledge on that monster. Now only monster, but also certain quest will provide him knowledge.

If you want you can hire a high-level Pawn which are smarter, but they can tend to spoil your quest sometimes. The Bestiary Knowledge goes from 0 to 3 stars, but you need to advertise your pawn properly if he’s a master at fighting Griffins or other mythical creatures. They can collect items like mushrooms, sacks of gold, arrows, etc on the fields.

If you try to equip them with the certain item then it’s the only thing that they will bring back while returning home. If you rent another players pawn with a higher level then it will cost you Rift Crystals, but if it’s of the same level then it’s free.

How do Pawns Behave

There are 2 behavior schemes for pawns –

  1. Can be seen at the Status(Start Menu)
  2. Unlock Talking to your Pawn(Optional)

The Talking can unlock:


Here you Pawn will go for the Biggest Enemy by climbing and ignoring all the other threats. If you try to Rush into fights then your pawn will have the option to use Go Command.


Here your pawn will focus only on Magick-casting enemies or bow users


One of the Best Behavior for your pawn where he focuses on buffs, grappling enemies, and even using group healing items. Pawn with this command and good Bestiary Knowledge will help him differentiate between the best buffs against the enemies.


This is completely opposite to Scather, which is clear that he will only focus on the smaller threats first and then the major once.


Act as Healing and removing Debuffs.


A Friend in need types where your pawn will help you All The Time such as stopping whatever he was doing, even casting for mages, Which means he will also stop from using certain commands you want to incline.


During Boss fights, you pawn will focus on reviving other pawns and help you. Although it seems to be easy, but not very useful.


This will turn into an investigator as you pawn will start locating items and enemies. The only bad thing is they will start the fight unknowingly which is dumb.


This will cut down the locating enemies from the Pioneer part and only search for items only when the combat is on.

Note: Do not use the D-pad commands to avoid the useless inclinations