Umbrella Corps – Beginners Tips, Tricks, and Cheat Guide


2003’s Umbrella Corps was a pharmaceutical company mainly know more genetic experiments. The Game will be set Twelve years after the collapse of the Umbrella Corps(2003) and the player will take control of a Mercenary from two different corporations to eliminate the hostile players. In this competitive multiplayer shooter game that features zombies, you need to upgrade yourself in order to defeat your opponent and this beginners guide will show you ho to Play the game.

Beginners Tips, Tricks, and Cheat

Umbrella Corps – Beginners Guide

Get ready to explore the intense matches in compact battle zones themed from historic Resident Evil environments. Even though you have completed the Training Zone, it won’t teach you how to survive for longer in such a difficult environment. Try to analyze the game matches very carefully to know what is your objective and if you have any doubt then do shoot them below in the comments.

What Did we learn in Training?

First thing first, is quick with your responses, for example, you are being followed or chased you must know where to take cover. In this game be ready to test your reflexes as you must press the button very quick to vault over the obstacles. There are multiple paths to escape so if you fail the first time try to find the alternative, not sure it would be the easy one but you must quick enough to make your way out.

100% Health

If you are not aware of your environment then you are dead by those zombies. Four consecutive hits and Baam! you’re finished, what we want you to focus on is your health bar and know where to regenerate from. Herbs are the items which are frequently dropped by the opponents when they die and you can use it to regain your health. When your health is 100% then just leave the herb there itself and return when you are again hit critically by someone.

Know Your Surrounding

Just like we discussed on the above point, the zombies are scattered everywhere and you never know where your opponent tries to hit you. If you look at the map carefully then there is an indication of the enemy position along with the area layout. Make the best use of this feature and during competitive mode, you get to know your allies position along with the corpse to get back the herbs.

Which Weapon to Use?

This is the question which most of the players keep on searching over the net. There are various Guns and grenade based weaponry plus specialized gear in the game and each has it’s own unique feature such as:

  • Brainer – A powerful melee axe which goes straight into the skull
  • Tactical Shield – An arm-mounted guard allowing players to utilize a zombie as cover
  • Terrain Spikes – This is a boot-mounted spikes for trampling enemies
  • Zombie Jammer – A device which repels zombies only When active

Know don’t get confused again, every player has it own gaming style and you must know how you want to play? Stealthy? Melee and Combat Fight? Select you Style and then choose your weapon accordingly. As you progress in the game more weapons and parts will be unlocked.

Customization For the Best

Weapon Ready, Armor Ready? have you tried customizing your weapons and parts? Check out the Customization section, there are a number of different parts available from the start and unlocked as your gain high level. Even though the game is a competitive multiplayer shooter that features zombies, Capcom has managed to keep the players happy with all the customization items which are purely cosmetic.

Test and Improve

Umbrella Corps features various quick play matches such as Close Quarters Battle, which has a high-intensity and no place to hide. You can test your skills nad weapons here to know where you lack and overcome with another match like One Life Match mode where players only get one chance apiece per round to take down the other team. Go-ahead learn a new trick and build with your play style. if you are bored with the bots then Invite your friends to compete online in adrenaline-fueled matches.