Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End Walkthrough: Chapter 1 – The Lure of Adventure

 Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End Walkthrough: Chapter 1 – The Lure of Adventure

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End and the wait is finally over when you have the Hands on the Final Chapter of Nathan Drake’s Journey. We Will be guiding you will all the information of Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End, from weapons, characters, collectibles to treasures location and walkthrough Map in this Uncharted 4 The Thief’s End Wiki Guide. So done with the waiting, let’s get started with the Chapter 1 Walkthrough.

Chapter 1 - The Lure of Adventure

Chapter 1 – The Lure of Adventure


As you start with the New Game, you will find Nathan and Sam(Brother) on a Boat where they are trying to escape from the Pirates and the Enemies who are behind the same treasure. You must Find the way to escape from these enemies so once the cutscene is over Hold R2 to Accelerate the Boat and let Sam handle the Gang. I know you are too busy enjoying the graphics, but for now, we need to escape. The only Root is straight and slight left.

The Escape

We are been chased by a bunch of enemies on their boats and the only thing to deal with them is to Bump their boat when they get close enough, avoid taking turns simply head straight and let the enemy boat come to you and then Bump. Continue this until you come across a Big boat who are dropping mines at you so now it’s time to take a slight left and head towards the mountains you see Up ahead.

Soon One of the Mines will hit you boat and you will fall into the sea. You must head out and a short cutscene will begin, again dive inside and get swim towards your boat. Climb and defend the boat from the enemies until Sam fixes up the Motor. After taking down one Big and 3 small boats take control of the Boat again and simply drive until you are been hit by A Big Boat.

Saint Francis Boys Home

After the Boat crash, the story will take you back and you get to control Nathan when he was a Child. You are at St. Francis Boys(Orphanage) where Sister Catherine is lecturing you about the fight with another guy(Cutscene). You will here understand you Elder Brother Sam’s Storyline and as every game does you will have a quick tutorial to get used to the controls and game Mechanics.

Tutorial Adventure With Sam

Once the Cutscene is over you will see Sam flashing a torch at you so what are you waiting for? Head outside the Window and Climb on the Left then the Container to get to the other side of the Window. You will see Sister Catherine and Father so stay in cover until Sister walk into the room. head right and loot at your File(Behavioral Report), then head towards the same room where Sister went. Let her move towards the window and smoke a little and wait until she heads back then Climb out of the Window.

Now the Tough part begins where you will learn some quick new move along with the Grapple Hook which Sam will provide. You need to Time it quite good as this is you training part there is no need to hurry, take your time. Follow Sam and his moves and try to do exactly the same. Once you reach outside the School cutscene will Start.

The Prison

Fast Forwarding to The Prison where you are fighting another Prison Member and yet another Melee Tutorial. Make sure you don’t die and get a good practice on this as the Adventure will be double the difficulty then here. Pro Tip: Avoid the Crowd as they are going to push you and leave you vulnerable. Try to Counter whenever you are grabbed by the opponent.

Soon after the Fight you will take into the Cell the cutscene will trigger. Thus Completing the First Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief’s End and Continue to the next Chapter 2 – Infernal Place. Make sure you check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, collectibles locations and Much more.