Uncharted 4 Walkthrough: Chapter 3 and 4 – The Malaysia Job, A Normal Life

 Uncharted 4 Walkthrough: Chapter 3 and 4 – The Malaysia Job, A Normal Life

After the horrendous incident at the Infernal Place in Chapter 2, the story will take place 15 years later where Nathan is working with Paradise to remove a bunch of underwater stuff. Here Nathan will be meeting Jameson who will be offering you the Malaysia Job and in Chapter 4 the return of the Sam, so let’s take a quick look at the Short Walkthroughs.

The Malaysia Job and A Normal Life

Chapter 3 – The Malaysia Job

Nathan Drake 15 years later after the Infernal Place incident started normal Jobs and Settle life with Elena. After the cutscene, the game will start where Nathan is underwater exploring the downstream, treasures and communicating Jameson(the Owner). So Take your Time and explore the underwater environment.

Underwater Container

After getting used to the controls and exploring get to the Stones to examine the piece. Go straight and then get inside the container and examine the Crate lock where you find two crates are missing so head out and get the First one. Then Jameson will ask you to pick the trailer up then take the crate which is stuck beneath.

Once the Sling is down grabbed the Wench and loop it around one of the axles, so the same with the other Cable. Grab the last crate put it back and lock it. Now if you want to explore more you can or simply head on the Sling to let Jameson Pull you Up. After getting out of the Container talk to Jameson straight at the end and help him open the crates. Thus Completing the Walkthrough for Chapter 3 and heading towards the Next.

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Chapter 4 – A Normal Life

This is a real short walkthrough for Nathan at Home where he is still confused to take Jameson’s opportunity or not. You will be exploring the Storeroom, so look and interact with all the objects you have explored so far. After exploring take the Toy gun and play with it, try to hit all the red circle hanging up there. If you manage to hit all 4 then you will unlock the ‘Still Got It’ Trophy.

Keep the Gun and head down to meet Elena, then pass her on the meal. After the cutscene plays the in-game PlayStation game ‘Crash Bandicoot’ where you will have to run towards the camera and jump over the pits. Here no matter how hard you try you will fall inside the 6th pit, so again a cutscene will begin and you will find yourself at Work where Sam knocks the Door and tell you all the Story.

After you watch the cutscene the chapter is over and now the Sam is back and in danger so we need to help him out. To know how Sam came out you need to move towards the Next Chapter – 5 where you take control over Sam inside the Spaniards Prison. Make sure you check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, collectables locations and Much more.