Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Where to Find All 61 Treasures

In Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune there are in total 61 hidden treasures you need to hunt. Nathan Drake is not only a comedian and a serial killer but also a treasure hunter. To make it easier, we have a location for all 61 hidden treasures posted in this Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Guide.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Chapter 2: The Search for El Dorado

Silver Mosaic Inca Earring:

As you begin with the first chapter head left of the river bank and walk straight until you reach a large rock. Now you need to climb over that rock and find your very first treasure glinting in the sun.

Jewelled Silver Monkey:

At the entrance of the ruined temple, you’ll notice three pillars. Jump on the left pillar first to grab your next treasure and then onto the right pillar to progress the game.

Decorated Gold Ring:

Again in the ruined temple you need to shoot a red barrel to built the bridge. So before you plan to cross it, simply run forward as far as you can and take a left. The treasure is at your right in the corner.

Silver Llama:

In the ruined temple where you need to climb up the rock in front, you need jump down and swim to land to search your next treasure. Turn right and you’ll find a treasure hidden behind you.

Golden Inca Cup:

After a cut-scene and you’ll find yourself in a new room. Look for a skeleton perched among some rubble just behind you. The skeleton is holding some riches which is none other than your treasure.

Silver Turtle:

Outside the ruined temple are four pillars, you need to climb onto the smallest one and jump to the larger one. On the last pillar, you’ll find your treasure.

Chapter 3: A Surprising Find

Gold Tairona Pedant:

Just near the German boat, you’ve to climb up. On the top, there’s a path where you have to go either left or right. You have to go left to progress, but first head right to collect the treasure.

Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring:

On the Boat where you need to enter from the middle to progress, you should run right till the end to find the treasure on your right.

Chapter 4: Plane Wrecked

Silver Inca Figurine:

Turn right from the start and you’ll notice a tree. Your treasure is just right next to its roots.

Silver Fish Charm:

In the alcove, near the small waterfall search on your left and grab your treasure.

Gold Frog:

Drop down onto the platform, Once you’ve crossed the first log. below is your next hidden treasure.

Intricate Gold Ring:

In the large area where you come up against dozens and dozens of pirates, climb onto the pillars and up to the second level of the environment. Instead of moving to the right, though, look to the upper-most left corner, and you’ll find the treasure.

Patterned Silver Ring:

Before you make your move to jump over the large gated wall, search between some blown out walls to the left corner and just climb up the ledge to collect your next treasure.

Golden Jaguar:

After you’ve encountered the pirates you need to kill them. Once you’ve killed all pirates just head left in the corner and grab the treasure from the trees.

Silver Inca Vessel:

Near the waterfall, you need to take the two guards out and head straight until you see rocks creating a makeshift plank for you. Here you don’t need to climb it, drop down to the area below to grab the hidden treasure to your right.

Golden Toothpick:

After killing all of the pirates, you need to head through the doorway. The next treasure is hidden among some grass.

Silver Bird Vessel:

Just after your previous encounter with the pirates you have to deal with some more pirates and booby traps. SO Just before you enter the combat section, make your run to the trees on the right and follow them backwards, right on the ledge you can grab your treasure.

Silver Inca Earring:

Before heading into the next area, to the left, you need to climb up the big stone structure and collect the treasure from the grass.

Chapter 5: The Fortress

Strange Relic:

In the fortress, you must have killed a bunch of guards and then headed up the stairs and run to the left beyond the tree. To the platform directly in front, you need to jump across the gap over to find the treasure/relic on top.

Silver Jaguar:

In the same area, jump back across to the upper ledge that border and head straight until you reach the lookout point where you next treasure is hidden.

Gold Mosaic Inca Earring:

Run towards the gates just after your drop down into the new area. On the right-hand gate, you make the climb over all of the rubble and you should easily get these hidden treasure.

Golden Spoon:

Climb into the room on the right near the waterway with the turret gunner and then you’ll find the treasure atop some ammunition creates.

Chapter 6: Unlocking the Past

Silver Inca Mask:

Make your climb to the upper-level just after clearing out the pirates and search for a large tree around the fortress and behind you’ll find the treasure.

Spanish Silver Coin:

After your gunfight against a machine gunner and multiple pirates inside the fortress, make your run towards the gate beneath the area and climb up the rubble to the left, your treasure is waiting on the platform above.

Spanish Tairona Pendant:

Use the machine gun to clear out all enemies and then run to the bottom of the stairs, search the bottom of the staircase and on the right-hand corner is your treasure.

Gold Llama:

When you enter the collapsed building and climb onto the second floor. On your right behind the rubble and foliage is the treasure.

Chapter 8: The Drowned City

Decorated Silver Ring:

As you enter the area filled with pirates, and run to the right. The treasure is hidden in the corner of the room.

Silver Frog:

Look for the remains of the house just after dealing with the grenade launcher guy. Towards your right-hand corner, you’ll find the treasure in the same room.

Chapter 9: To the Tower

Golden Fish Charm:

You enter a firefight with multiple pirates after Getting off the jet-ski. Now check back-left part of the area to grab your goodie before you start heading through the large arch doorway.

Jewelled Golden Brooch:

Later you’ll take the zip line to enter the building and now explore the area behind the door first, and you’ll find a treasure to the back right.

Chapter 10: Silver Belt Buckle

Silver Belt Buckle:

After the cut-scene, you’ll find this treasure right at the top of the staircase where you entered first.

Chapter 11: Trapped

Spanish Gold Coin:

After the cut-scene which involves the boat, go to the right instead of left and you’ll find the treasure just behind the doorway.

Silver Spanish Chalice:

Watch the cut-scene after crossing the bridge and then head down instead to going up the stairs to the left and down again, at the bottom of the stairs look to the back left part of the platform is your next treasure.

Gold Coatimundi:

You’ll enter a small cave after the Customs House. Stealth kills the pirate up ahead and looks for a pile of boxes on the ground floor. Your treasure is just behind the boxes.

Chapter 13: Sanctuary

Golden Turtle:

Search for a broken bridge with a waterwheel nearby after the jet-ski section. Drop down from the bridge and you’ll see the treasure’s sitting atop a platform with a pillar.

Silver Inca Cup:

Drop down beneath the dilapidated stairs directly ahead after the cut-scene with Elena and into the river below. The treasure perched atop the rubble and easy job.

Jewelled Silver Cross:

Same area where you’ll shoot the red barrels to create a makeshift door for Elena, look for a little room nearby there is the treasure inside.

Silver Toothpick:

Follow the same path around to the area perimeter where you enter hop over the railings to collect another treasure.

Gold Spanish Chalice:

All the way to the opposite perimeter of the level beyond the staircase, turn Right in the corner and to your left is a big pile of rubble with the treasure you searching.

Silver Coatimundi:

Run past the building where you got the Gold Spanish Chalice, and climb up the staircase. Now take a left and come out of the tunnel and down from another stairs to grab your next treasure which is with some rubble on the ground.

Golden Cup and Cover:

In the room where you need to turn the statues and open a secret passageway. Go down in the room with the paintings you’ll snatch the treasure from the left wall.

Chapter 14: Going Underground

Golden Inca Vessel:

From the start of the chapter head down the stairs and to the right directly the treasure is hidden.

Golden Skull:

You’ll find your next treasure in the waterfall near the area next to the staircase.

Silver Snuff Box:

After your way out of the catacombs in the church area, there are dozens of enemies waiting for you to fight. So look behind the area where you entered and take the treasure first before you take them out.

Silver Spanish Goblet:

Inside the secret passage, you’ll notice yourself back in the catacombs. So go down the tunnel where there is a square-shaped sarcophagus and behind it is your treasure.

Silver Ingot:

Jump across the platforms and take the stairs down after the cut-scene with the villains. To the right the stairs that you just came down has the hidden treasure.

Gold and Ruby Inca Mask:

Find the last treasure for chapter 14 behind the chain wheel before you have to crank it and make your exit.

Chapter 15: On the Trail of the Treasure

Gold Inca Figurine:

Search the staircase in front and at the bottom of it is the foliage to the right is some grass with the treasure.

Golden Bird Vessel:

At the secret gallery as mentioned by Sully over the radio, as you’re near the door head left and you’ll notice the hidden shiny treasure.

Golden Spanish Goblet:

You will re-enter the monastery via a stained glass window, Head to the right where a dark room with two guards come out of. The treasure is inside the dark room.

Jewelled Golden Cross:

Climb the open window and into the secret room after the key puzzle and Keep moving to the right. At the end of the path, the treasure’s is hidden.

Silver Skull:

Look for a square sarcophagus beneath a broken piece of the railing as you head down the stairs, Behind the tomb is your next treasure.

Golden Inca Mask:

Later you’ll encounter a door to go through and progress in the story. But here you’ll first around to some tombstones follow the railings right and grab the treasure from behind.

Chapter 16: The Treasure Vault

Silver Cup and Cover:

The worst part of Drake’s Fortune is when you have to follow the numbers on the floor. I recommend to follow just V and then ignore II, take IV up the stairs, follow I to hunt the treasure.

Jewelled Silver Brooch:

You need to Climb up the stairs to the swinging lantern after activating all of the traps but stop as you reach it. Now turn left to face the III on the pillar and make your jump diagonally onto the ledge. The treasure’s you looking for is on top of the pillar.

Gold Snuff Box:

Take the first spiral staircase and then run down towards the next spiral staircase. On the way down, you’ll notice a treasure sitting on a platform attached to a piece of scaffolding. So jump across it and grab it.

Chapter 18: The Bunker

Gold Monkey Figurine:

Turn to the right of the hall where you fight the mutants and follow the hall down, to the left among some rubble is your treasure.

Chapter 19: Unwelcome Guests

Golden Seadragon Pendant:

Towards the end of the area with the many boxes, you need to Fight pirates and monsters and climb on top and pile lean against the back wall to grab this hidden treasure.

Chapter 20: Race to the Rescue

Gold Ingot:

Swing around and walk back towards where you came, as soon as you have control of Drake. The treasure you hunting for is next to a rock.

Chapter 21: Gold and Bones

Golden Skull Rosary:

The treasure is on the right, next to some gnarly skeletons where there are catacombs in the room with the two sarcophagi.

Sapphire and Silver Mask:

For this, you need to head down the stairs from the previous treasure room and the Last Hidden Treasure is perched behind a pillar right in the centre of the catacombs.