All 21 Lockbox Location – Uncharted The Lost Legacy

 All 21 Lockbox Location – Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Lockbox in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are the Crates where you can find some guns and collectibles. These are easy to find as they are not been hidden in some major places and can be seen easily due to their huge size (you can make this out from the image below, they are quite big). The only thing that you will have to do is search for them and explore the map to find them. But if you are not in a mood to do that then go through this guide ours, it carries all 21 Lockbox location.

Lockbox Location Image

Lockbox Locations – Where to find them

Chapter 3: Homecoming

Lockbox 1

  • Location: It is located in one of the enemy’s truck, near the waterfall on the height. The same place from where the enemies were spawning.

Chapter 3 lockbox Location 1

Chapter 4: The Western Ghats

Chapter 4 Lockbox Location

Go through the map to get to the exact location of all Lockbox in Chapter 4.

Lockbox 2

  • Location: Get to the point shown in the map and get on the higher platform near the Pillar and open the lock box to get the Gun.

Lockbox 3 (Note: to get the Lockbox you will have to collect the Hoysala token to make the enemy truck Visible)

  • Location: As you get to the pined location on the map, take down the enemies and open the Lockbox and collect the Gun.

Lockbox 4 (Note: This Lockbox will only spawn after you return from the Trident Fort.)

  • Location: After solving the Puzzle you will have to activate the lever. And on the way back some more enemies will be waiting for you. There will be another Truck at the waterfall. You can either take all the enemies down or make a quick move and get to the water fall and open the Lockbox and collect the gun.

Lockbox 5 (Note: this lockbox will also have a grenade, which will be useful for taking photo)

  • Location: As you are on the pined location on the map, after killing the enemies, move ahead to the huge stone structure, climb up and open the lockbox.

Lockbox 6

  • Location: As you get on the pined location on the map, you can clearly see the Lockbox at a height to reach till there, turn back and climb on to the rock near the torch area and then balancing on the wooden plank wing till the box and then open the Lockbox.

Lockbox 7

  • Location: Head to the South-West side of the map and get to the pined location. Out here get on to the higher platform and open the lockbox.

Lockbox 8

  • Location: This is located next to the truck, as you get to the pined location on the map, right before you enter the fort.

Lockbox 9

  • Location: This one is sitting on the Archer’s fortress, for which you will have to swing and reach till it and then open the lockbox.

Lockbox 10

  • Location: Get to the Pined location on the map and you will find the Lockbox on the truck.

Lockbox 11

  • Location: Take a left from the last Lockbox location and you will find the next Lockbox behind a Tower, right next to a small pillar.

Lockbox 12

  • Location: Get to the top North of the map, near the Waterfall area, the Lockbox is on the truck, open it.

Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper

Lockbox 13 and 14

  • Location: Not the Lockbox as at the same location but a distance from one another, one is at the right of the map in the middle, behind a broken wall and the other one is located towards the left, almost at the end of the area.

Chapter 6 Lockbox Location 1 Chapter 6 Lockbox Location 2

Lockbox 15

  • Location: After that you have crossed the elephant area, walk up the stairs and you will find the Lockbox in-between.

Chapter 6 Lockbox Location 3

Chapter 7: The Lost Legacy

Lockbox 16

  • Location: While in this chapter when you first encounter the Enemies, swing to the other side, climb up and take the stairs and you will see the lockbox, open it.

Chapter 7 Lockbox Location 1

Chapter 8: Partners

Lockbox 17

  • Location: This one is located inside an huge empty area next to the train tracks.

Chapter 8 Lockbox Location 1

Lockbox 18

  • Location: This is located a bit ahead from the last one, at the end of the track to the right near the wall.

Chapter 8 Lockbox Location 2

Lockbox 19

  • Location: This is located in the same area, turn around after opening the last Lockbox and get near the containers. This Lockbox is inside an old rustic container next to the cylindrical container.

Chapter 8 Lockbox Location 3

Lockbox 20

  • Location: After opening the last Lockbox turn back and run towards the Red truck and then take a right. There you will get the Lockbox.

Chapter 8 Lockbox Location 4

Lockbox 21

  • Location: This one is on a truck behind the last lockbox.

Chapter 8 Lockbox Location 5

That’s all for all lockbox, hope it was helpful for you. Stay tuned for more updates and do have a look at our Uncharted Wiki page for all the information.