Mission 9 Under Covered Skies Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

In the last mission General Distress, you will be playing as Han Solo on Takodana to gather some information, later after dealing with the TIE fighters, in this mission Under Covered Skies you will be playing as Iden, she tells the Princess that Admiral is running operations on Bespin and Sullust. She asks the Princess to capture him.

Battlefront Under Covered Skies

Mission 9 Under Covered Skies Walkthrough

Follow Del:

Follow Del Chinook

After getting on Bespin, you will have to follow Del towards Chinook station. This is an air mission. Keep following Del till you reach the station. Just keep following, in the beginning, you won’t be facing any challenges or attacks. Fly towards the marker which will take you to the landing pad of the station. On the pad look on the right, you will unlock a new ability Cooldown Bonus.

Eliminate Imperial Forces:

Walk ahead and look on the left, you will find a passage that will go down and you will see the red marker. There will be a lot of soldiers in your path, once you shoot, you will be under the attack range. So it is your choice either go quietly or simply ambush. In case of high damage stay in cover. Keep advancing slowly, eliminate the forces around first.

Reach the Turbolift:

There is a lift on the right corner, go there and there will be a cutscene. Iden and Agent Del disguise as Storm Troopers to reach Hask.

Infiltrate the Overseer’s Tower:

Overseer Tower

Walk slowly to the brown door on your right. This is mostly a stealth base mission, you don’t have to fight here. Keep moving quietly towards the tower. Del will follow. You will reach the station, go further inside, and enter the lift.

Capture Hask:

Capture Hask

Run towards the next marker to capture Hask who is trying to escape in the Star Destroyer. Take cover as you will be attacked by a TIE Fighter. Shoot it for a while and it will fly away. Deploy Turret to take down multiple troopers in your path. Get back into the lift from where you came.

Reach The Platform:

Overseer Tower 1

Go outside, and fight your way towards the platform. As you are out, scan for trooper’s location. This entire place will be surrounded. Avoid the passages where many stormtroopers are, instead try waking behind the covers to reach the platform. Through scanning, you can find out the spot where troopers are, and you can try taking an alternate path. If you plan to fight then try to use one of the platform buildings for full cover, stay in and let the troopers attack you. Walker is the most annoying part, you will have to use continuously attack it with bombs.

Clear the Landing Platform:

Cloud Car

Once you reach near TIE platform, you will have to clear the area by killing all the troopers in your path. Scan for their locations and kill them. Next board the Cloud Car.

Reach the Fueling Refineries:

Cloud Car 2

After boarding the Cloud Car, you can use three abilities, Electronic Countermeasures, Afterburner and Heat Sink. Fly towards the Star Destroyer. Once you are near you will see six targets to destroy. Try targetting them as fast as possible avoiding the other ships in your path. This will save your time as the cloud car is a slow vehicle. Keep shooting at the targets.

With the crash of ships, the mission Under Covered Skies is over. In the next cut scene, you will see, Iden tells the Rebel about a weapon cache from an abandoned factory. This continues in the next mission, you can read our walkthrough on the next mission Cache Grab. You can also read our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki guide for more updates on the game.