Unlock Alolan Dugtrio Early In Pokemon Sun and Moon


The Dugtrio is a mole type pokemon you will find in Pokemon Sun and Moon with blonde hair. This pokemon can be found in the forth Island to catch, but there is another way to get this pokemon early in the game. The guide below shows how to get Dugtrio in the Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Alolan Dugtrio Early Unlock In Pokemon Sun and Moon

How To Get Alolan Dugtrio Early:

You can simply play through the game until you reach Island four in the game and catch this pokemon. But if you want to get it early in the game then you need to catch the Diglett and evolve it into Dugtrio.

You can simply catch Diglett in the first Island in the cave where you get your first trail in or you can also catch it in the cave that is nearby Pokemon Lab. Once you manage to catch Diglett, the next step is to level it up. You need to use it very often in order to evolve it into Dugtrio at the level 26.

Or you can spend some rare candies to make it evolve quickly. You might be able to evolve on the second Island by the time of grass Trial. You guys can check out our other Pokemon Sun and Moon guide from our Wiki Page.