FFXV Comrades Outfits Location, How To Change And Unlock Them

Final Fantasy XV Comrades provides a lot of Outfits and Clothing options – accessories, tops, bottoms, gloves, and shoes. At the start of the Comrades DLC, players will be able to access the Galahdian attire and then can unlock much more from various vendors in the map by exchanging some goods and Gil. The number of clothes these vendors have for you will increase when you power up a fashion Sketchbook Treasure Quest. In this FFXV Comrades Outfits And Clothing Guides, we have listed All Outfits And How To Unlock Them i.e. Location And Cost.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Outfits Clothing Guide

How To Change Outfits

When you start the game you have the option of creating your own attire, these are nothing but Galahdian’s attire, with Top, Bottom, Footwear, and Handwear. If you decide to change the outfit then follow the step given below.

Step 1: First you need to find the person or NPC who lets you Change Character in your current Outpost. This is not a difficult task because you can easily discover him as he has a Contacts like icon on its head and is even marked on the Mini-map.

Step 2: Get Close to them and they will interact with you for character change.

Step 3: Select Avatar and then Edit.

How To Change Outfit Menu Avatar Edit

Step 4: Change anything that you wish for.

How To Change Outfit Menu Avatar Edit 1

Step 5: One thing you must take note of – after completing the changes to the Attire you need to press the FINISH option. If you miss it then all you Attire Changes will not be saved.

Step 6: When you click Finish you will be prompt a dialogue box to save the attire on a new name.

Note: If you write the same name as the earlier file that you have saved, it will over Write the file and save with the new edits.

Where to find new outfits

Requirement: You will need 150 KW of Power

The first shop from where you can buy clothes is from the Apparel shop from the Exineris area from Iris. Using 150 KW will unlock the Apparel shop and then you can have some clothes from Iris’s collection.

Below you will find the list of all Outfits (along with the cost) that will be available to you early in the game.

1: Black Glasses

  • Cost: 600 Gil
  • It is a Simple but decorative looking accessory for the face making your avatar look more awesome, sensual and intelligent.

2: Kingsglaive Attire

  • Cost: 4400 Gil
  • This one looks like more on the kingside giving a more commemorative look for the upper body.

3: Kingsglaive Boots

  • A more great looking pair of shoes.
  • Cost: 1400 Gil.

4: Kingsglaive Garb

  • Well, this is something that we don’t like too much, but it’s up to you. It is a clothing for the lower body.
  • Cost: 2900 Gil.

5: Kingsglaive Gloves

  • These are nothing but a pair of gloves for your hands.
  • Cost: 1400 Gil.

6: Striped Tee

  • This is a cool striped top.
  • Cost: 700 Gil.

How To Unlock Outfits From Vendors

Outfits From the Vendor in Meldacio Hunter HQ

1: Camouflage Tee:

  • This T-shirt is grayish in color
  • Cost: 900 Gil.

2: Hunter Boots

  • These are Hunter’s Exclusive Boots
  • Cost: 1000 Gil.

3: Hunter Fatigues

  • It is Brown Coloured top vest
  • COst: 3600 Gil.

4: Hunter Fatigues

  • These are normal Dark Leather Pants.
  • Cost: 1800 Gil.

5: Hunter Gloves

  • These are Fingerless Gloves
  • Cost: 1000 Gil.

6: Infantry Aviators

  • These are Dark Sunglasses
  • Cost: 1400 Gil.

Outfits From the Vendor in Cauthess Depo

1: Chino pants

  • These are the normal beige pants with a leather belt on it
  • Cost: 5 Havocfang Hide and 3 Cockatrice Tail Feathers.

2: Coernix Uniform

  • This is a Blue and white top
  • Cost: 8 Supple Tail and 8 Garula Fur.

3: Standard Boots

  • These are the Sturdy looking Black Boots
  • Cost: 3 Thick Hide and 3 Malboro Vine.

4: Chocobo Suit

  • Cost: In Exchange of 3 Gorgeous Pelts, 10 Downy Feathers, and 1 Cactuar Blossom.

Outfits From the Vendor in Old Lestallum

1: Dress Shirt

  • It is a White, Sleeved and Short shirt
  • Cost: 2.100 Gil.

2: Gold Earrings

  • It is a good looking decorative accessory
  • Cost: 900 Gil.

3: Kenny Crow Tee

  • This is T-shirt that has Kenny Crow on it
  • Cost: 1.600 Gil.

4: Kenny Crow

  • Cost: 57.000 Gil.

Here our guide ends on how to change the Outfit and other location from where to get new outfits. Stay tuned for more updates on FFXV Comrades.