How to Unlock Secret Fighters in Soul Calibur V

Namco Bandai recently released fighting game Soul Calibur V features a total of eight secret characters, “Elysium, Kilik, Algol, Edge Master, Alpha Patroklos, Dampierre, Pyrrha Omega, and Soul of Devil Jin”.

Below we have guide on how to unlock all these secret characters in Soul Calibur V. None of these characters are too hard to unlock, just follow the instructions given below (multiple methods are listed below) and in no time you will be playing with full Soul Calibur V roster.

To Unlock Elysium:

  • Complete Soul Calibur V Story mode final episode
  • Defeat Elysium in Quick Battle, if you find her.

To Unlock Kilik:

  • First players need to complete Story Mode to unlock Legendary Souls Mode. Now they need to defeat Kilik in the first stage of Legendary Souls Mode to unlock.
  • Select Asia Route in Arcade Mode complete every match to unlock Kilik.
  • Defeat him in Quick Battle

To Unlock Algol:

  • Complete Story Mode to unlock the Legendary Souls Mode. Now defeat Algol in Legendary Souls Mode to unlock.
  • Defeat Algol in Arcade Mode with any character choice is yours
  • Defeat Algol in Quick Battle against any fighter

To Unlock Edge Master:

  • In Story Mode Complete Episode 17 to unlock Edge Master
  • Defeat him in Quick Battle

To Unlock Alpha Patroklos:

  • In Story Mode Complete Episode 13 to unlock Alpha Patroklos
  • Defeat him in Quick Battle

To Unlock Dampierre:

  • Dampierre is a DLC character of Soul Calibur V, and is available to those who pre-order the game via Best-Buy (North America) or Collector’s Edition (Europe).

Pyrrha Omega:

  • In Story Mode complete episode 17 to unlock Pyrrha Omega
  • Defeat her in Quick Battle