Secret Mode Walkthrough And Unlock Guide – Cuphead

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Are you aware of the fact that Cuphead has a Secret Mode (Pacifist) that you can unlock. To start the Secret Mode Unlock mission you need to visit a Turtle in World 3, accept the mission (Pacifist) and start your journey. Let’s get started with our Cuphead Secret Mode walkthrough and how to unlock it.

Cuphead Secrete Mode

Secret Mode (Pacifist) Walkthrough

As you play the game and come to World 3, you will notice a Turtle sitting all alone at the Docks. Get to the Turtle and have a conversation with him, you will get a hint of being a Pacifist. And will hint you that you will be having a Bonus, a bonus of seeing the world how he sees (BLACK AND WHITE) and a retro audio style as well.

Cuphead Turtle Conversation

Things To Do To Unlock Secret Mode In Cuphead

  • Step 1: You will have to complete all 6 the level without killing any of the enemy. i.e. (Forest Follies, Treetop Trouble, Funfair Fever, Funhouse Frazzle, Perilous Piers, and Rugged Ridge)
  • Step 2: As you complete each Level you will have a P grade and even the Flag Raised will be Marked as P.
  • Step 3: Now that you have completed all the level without killing anyone, get back to the turtle and get your Bonus Filter of Black and White and a retro Music too.

Additional information:

There are many steps that Cuphead will do, which might kill some enemies. So be very careful on this. Parries, Dashing, and the Invincibility will not work against you and all you have to take care is that you don’t shoot. You are allowed to Parry anything in Pink. And you will even come to know that the level you played was great or no by the grade “P”.

Best Things To Use To Complete Cuphead Without Killing Anyone:

  1. Smoke Bomb
  2. Whetstone

World 1: Forest Follies – How to complete without killing anyone

Charm Needed: Whetstone


The first Level Forest Follies is easy, all you need to do is to just simply Duck, Dodge, Dip and Dive until you reach to the Acorn Maker. Here you will have to make use of Whetstone, to get to the other side and then you will complete level 1.

World 1: Treetop Trouble – How to complete without killing anyone

Charm Needed: Smoke Bomb or Whetstone


Here you will have to complete the level in the same manner like you did for Forest Follies and get to the top of the Tree. Out here don’t have to worry about the mosquitoes catching the leaf as this will not affect your score. As you get close to the Boss get at the right edge of the leaf and the jump as close as possible to the boss and then make use of the Smoke Bomb. You can do the same with the Whetstone and invisibility.

World 2: Funfair Fever – How to complete without killing anyone

Charm Needed: Smoke Bomb or +2HP Charm.


This Funfair Fever is a bit difficult the earlier ones. So for this, if you don’t have the Smoke Bomb then you will need an HP boost by damaging yourself, probably 4 times. Get yourself safely from the tent by jumping and dunking. Then safely get ahead of the toys and then. Save yourself from the blast of the cannon and to pass through these cannons get close to them and then use the smoke Bomb.

Then you will encounter with the big red machine, keep in mind he is a bit more difficult to jump out from so here you will need +2 HP charm to take a hit from him or make use of the Smoke Bomb. Now make your way ahead on the planks and get close to the Hotdog by chasing all his attacks of sauce and mustard. As you get close to him jump near him and then use the Smoke Bomb.

World 2: Funhouse Frazzle- How to complete without killing anyone

Charm Needed: Smoke Bomb


Pass though the ducks and cars, sometimes even by inverting the gravity and then finally pass through the wall by, jumping close to its mouth and then using the Smoke Bomb. Now keep doing the same and get the Second wall and after the tongue comes out, there will be Gap of few seconds you will have to pass through that in that time. You can even try to make use of the Damage Boost.

World 3: Rugged Ridge – How to complete without killing anyone

Charm Needed: HP Boost Charm


Now, this level is going to take a lot of skills in jumping so keep that in mind. As the game starts to make sure that you understand the timing of the Pickaxes, as they throw the axe, you will have to get close to them and the Jump and dash to get to the other side. Now as you move ahead you will encounter the Lion Rock, try to stay as close to the rock by moving in the opposite directing of the wind and then jump over him. Try keeping your HP at 3 for the last Phase as you will be constantly running from the monster and might get hit by the fire in-between.

World 3: Perilous Piers- How to complete without killing anyone

Charm Needed: HP Boost Charm


For this level, we would tell you to be as healthy as you can, until you get to the Octopus. As you are on the octopus keep dodging the things coming at you and then as you are at the end jump and dash to get on the platform.

Cuphead Turtle Bonus

There you go enjoy the all new Filter and music.

Note: Well Black and White is the not only one filter that you can unlock. In World 3 out the shop you will see a monocle Fork standing outside. After talking to him you will get to know that he is looking for some with “A” grade.

Cuphead Fork

That’s all for this guide, stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget look into our other guide on How To Master Parry Move In Cuphead.