Unlock Elemental Effect for Pack-a-Punch Upgrade in CoD: Infinite Warfare


In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the player will get transported into a theme park of the 1980s that is being overrun with undead guests, killer clowns, and more. There are a lot of things to explore and secrets to unlock from Pack-a-Punch to their Elemental Effects. This guide will show you how to unlock these Elemental effects early in the game.

Unlock Elemental Effect for Pack-a-Punch

How to Unlock Elemental Effect

The Elemental Effect allows you to upgrade your Weapon additional to Pack-a-Punch machine. There are four Elemental Effects you can unlock and they are Fire, Lightning, Wing, and Venom. Each effect has its own unique way to damage zombies. The Elemental Upgrades are Permanent so select the weapons carefully.

Note: You cannot swap elemental effects after upgrading your weapon. So out of Four, you can add only one Elemental Effect to any of your weapons.

In order to activate these Elemental Core, you first get inside the Projection Room where you find the Pack-a-Punch Machine. On the left of the Machine is the Table where you need to Press Square(PS4) to let all the four elements return to the Spaceland. These Four Elements will be scattered in the four map location: Galaxy Journey, Kepler System, Astrocade, and Polar Peak.

Once you find the mini UFO flying in the Spaceland, start killing Zombie until the souls are gathered by the UFO. Now with a weapon mounted with Arcane Core(Available at Vendor for 300 tickets). After the UFO gets all the Souls, it will drop an Elemental Core near the trap. Grab the Core and with your Arcane Core weapon you are ready to Upgrade one of our Element for their location:

Fire (Chromosphere Trap)

  • Location: In Kepler System, use the spinning ride trap to suck in zombies.

Lightning (Star Mission Trap)

  • Location: In Galaxy Journey, use the rocket engine trap to incinerate zombies.

The Wind (Roller Coaster Trap)

  • Location: In Polar Peak, use the Steel Dragon to shoot a laser at zombies.

Poison (Disco Trap)

  • Location: In Astrocade, use the dance floor and disco ball to blast every zombie in the area.

This was all about the Elemental Effect for Pack-a-Punch Upgrade in Spaceland and you can check our CoD: Infinite War Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.