How To Unlock Honebami Level 99 Katana In FFXV Comrades

If Katana is your favourite weapon in Final Fantasy XV Comrades then you will also be aware of the fact that you can get a Level 99 Katana in FFXV Comrades. In this Final Fantasy XV Comrades, we have provided the steps you need to follow To Unlock Level 99 Katana. The process is a bit lengthy as it requires you to Remodel or Ugprade Yoshimitsu Katana To Honebami Katana and this Honebami Katana is further Level Up to 99. So let start with the process of How To Get Level 99 Katana in Final Fantasy XV Comrades.

Remodeling Upgrading Yoshimitsu Honebami Level 99

How To Unlock Level 99 Katana

How To Get Yoshimitsu

You will have to Unlock the Meldacio HQ and also rescue the Refugees from the marked location. Once you are done with it all the Refugees will be Band together and you will have the option to elect one. Out here you will have to Elect Devon Elkton. After you have elected him he will be opening the Training post for you, from where you can buy the Yoshimitsu by trading in with Reaper’s Funnybone and Platinum Ingot and collect your Yoshimitsu. After the cutscene, you can see him with this training post on the left and you can buy Yoshimitsu by trading some item Well if you don’t know from where to get these items from then we have mentioned them below.

Items to trade with

1: Reaper’s Funnybone

  • Quest Required: Urgent Havoc Befalls the Hut.
  • Item Acquired from: Reapers.
  • Average: 2-4 Funnybones per quest

2: Platinum Ingot

  • Required: To play the Mining minigame in Meldacio
  • How to start: Get to the pickaxe icon on the map.
  • Cost 3000 Gil
  • Average: Random

How to Upgrade Yoshimitsu to Honebami Level 99 Katana

Go to Lestallum and then upgrade Yoshimitsu. In order to upgrade the Yoshimitsu to Honebami you will have to level up the strength and Magic to 30. You can surely make use of the various item to fill in this need but the best way is to simply use only 2 Dragon Horn. Well, if you don’t know where to get the Dragon Horn then we have mentioned it below.

Dragon Horn

  • Quest: Urgent The Injurious Jabberwock
  • Acquired from: Jabberwock
  • Where to Hit: Horn or their face area.
  • Average: Rare, but when you get you will have two of them.
  • Best Weapon: Use any ranged weapon.
  • Cheat – Aboort the mission after you break the horn.

And as you put the Two Dragon Horns you will upgrade Yoshimitsu to Honebami. After that, you can pretty much put any other item to make the Katana Reach Level 99. I would say that you prefer, only go for the Item that helps in increasing the strength and Attack.

Now that you know how you can get your Yoshimitsu to Honebami Katana at level 99. Be quick and get it and do let us know how was the experience in the comments section below and do remember if you have all the required item in a double quantity you will be able to make multiple copies and increase your stats. That’s all for this guide on how to upgrade Yoshimitsu to Honebami and bring to level 99 in Final Fantasy XV Comrades. Stay tuned for more amazing guides. Till then do refer to our other guide on How to create best powerful spells.