How To Get Lockpicking Ability in Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has Field Skill know as Lockpicking Ability. This LockPicking ability will help you in Opening all the Chests, Locked Doorways and many more obstacles in your way when you are Exploring the Field. This ability is only available with some Rare Blades, so in order to have this ability you will have to Bond a Blade, and Roc is the Very First Rare Blade that you will Encounter in the game at Chapter 3. In this guide, we have mentioned How To Get the Lockpicking ability at the earliest Xenoblade Chronicles, some of the Rare Blades that these Lockpicking ability works and how to Unlock them. So let’s start with the guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Lockpicking Ability

How To Unlock Lockpicking Ability In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Blade Roc

You will be able to gain the Lock Picking ability in Chapter 3, at the earliest when you progress in the game’s main story. Sadly before that, you will have to let go the Locked chests. You will have to get to the Kingdom Of Uraya Province while doing a Mission and as you reach here you will meet Vandham and his Blade Roc. Here Roc is the blade that has the Lock Picking ability. Bond with Roc and you will be able to use the Lockpicking Skill, then you will not only be able to open the Treasure Chests but some other locked items as well. There some other Blades as well which has Lockpicking ability, Below we have mentioned them along with how you can unlock them.


  • How to Unlock – By Playing the Main story.

Poppi QT:

  • How to Unlock – By Playing the Main story.


  • How to Unlock – Can be bonded from a random core crystal.


  • How to Unlock – Can be bonded from a random core crystal.


  • How to Unlock – Can be bonded from a random core crystal. It can also be Purchased from the Torigoth vendor for 500 thousand gold. But it’s too costly for the start of the game.

Note: If you are lucky enough you will even get Kos-Mos or Kora while using those Cores while making a Purchase. Make a point that you upgrade these skills.

That’s all we have on where you can have your first Lockpicking Field Skill in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, get your hand on it quickly and start Picking Locks to get Rare items and Blades. Do refer to our other Xenoblade Chronicles 2 guide on All Blades and How to Unlock Them.